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Activities You’ll Find In Drama Therapy

Healing is vital to our happiness and health, and sometimes this cannot be done through simply talking, such as what occurs in psychotherapy (also known as “talk therapy”). Creative processes give us the ability to unleash the unspoken in ways that haven’t been expressed before – through movement, a person can uncover a lot of thoughts, feelings, or ideas that were once hidden to them. Drama therapy is a creative technique that helps individuals express themselves, while also gaining a new perspective by learning from others’ experiences. The North American Drama Therapy Association defines drama therapy as an opportunity for individuals to actively explore the depth and breadth of their inner experiences, A 2015 study published in Drama Therapy Review highlights several connections that drama therapy can provide for individuals:

  •       Enhanced Consciousness
  •       Coherent sense of previous events
  •       Cohesiveness in the mind, body, and spirit
  •       Improves memory
  •       Helps individuals reconstruct events without denying or avoiding
  •       Increases the awareness of one’s autonomy vs. dependence, closeness vs. separateness, etc.
  •       Assists in helping a person become more connected to themselves as well as others
  •       Increases one’s ability to tolerate fear and other uncomfortable emotions

If you’re curious as to what you can expect in drama therapy, there’s a lot of activities that can take place, including:

  1.     Creating a play – getting in groups and deciding on the theme, setting, characters, plot and more
  2.     Role-playing – acting out certain parts to get a better understanding of various scenarios
  3.     Puppetry – using puppets to act out events of the past, present, or potential situations in the future
  4.     Games – unique games to help individuals think more about their lived experiences and others’, as well as to help them stay grounded to the present moment
  5.     Speech – finding interesting ways to help a person break free from what has been holding them back – for example, if a person has low self-esteem, they may be asked to shout their ideas to the room rather than whisper

You do not have to consider yourself “good” at acting, as this type of therapy is meant for anyone willing to be open to learn.

Everyone’s story begins before treatment. Through intensive, individualized trauma care, everyone’s story can change. At The Guest House Ocala, you’re welcomed with open arms, no matter your story. We’re here to help you find healing. For information on our concierge level of customization and programs for the recovery from trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues, call us today: 855-483-7800