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Am I Alone in My Stressful Emotional Experiences?

No, you are not alone. Many of us suffering the distressing emotional after-effects of trauma may feel alone in our personal struggle toward health and well-being. Some of us are coping with feelings of depression and anxiety due to our past traumas. We may feel as if others would have handled the event differently. We may feel weak and alone in our suffering, ashamed to reach out for help due to preconceived notions of being unable to manage our emotions.

American culture tends to favor the strong, level-headed individual, who is capable of dealing with all of life’s problems on their own. Rarely does anyone walk through life alone; even the rugged cowboys of old films find companionship with their fellow bandits or with a female companion. In recovery, many of us find strength in collaboration with others who have similar experiences as us.

For those of us in recovery from addiction or mental health struggles due to past traumas, we can find comfort in the support of others as our peers. Peers have been in our place before or might be in a similar place to us now. Peer support has been gaining credibility throughout the years as people find they can help others through shared experiences. You might meet peers during group sessions or while attending recovery programs.

Our peers remind us that we are not alone! Peer support helps us to build a strong, emotional support network, as we learn new coping skills from one another. Some states even offer certification programs for peers to gain employment skills as peer recovery support workers! As you begin your recovery journey, remember that others have experienced similar emotions as you. While our experiences and perspectives may be different, you are not alone!

Sometimes, when things get tough for us and we feel all alone, we need to find a supportive environment in order to heal from emotional wounds. The Guest House offers stays for people learning new skills to cope with their trauma and addiction issues. In addition to group therapy and peer support, we have many other therapeutic approaches to help you! We inspire collaboration and support among all our guests and staff. We have a safe and healthy environment for you to build a support network for your recovery journey. You are not alone! Call us today at (855) 483-7800!