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With everything that has gone down during the pandemic, our society found themselves having to isolate with the stay-at-home orders that were enforced by law officials. Isolation is hard for some people to adhere to. For others who have suffered from an addiction, or are introverted, forced isolation is a dream come true.

Having the approval to stay away from people is something in which they find solace. The problem with isolation in this capacity is figuring out if they are really trying to isolate, or if they are just trying to escape.

What Happens in Isolation Stays in Isolation

A person who has permission to isolate may also use this as permission to keep abusing drugs and alcohol. Even if a person has become sober, they may relish that no one can tell them to stop isolating.

This way of thinking can become a slippery slope. Not having others around to remind them why they decided to stop drinking and using in the first place can lead them quickly back to drugs or alcohol. They may believe that no one will know the difference anyway, so they may go for the gusto into oblivion. Getting drunk or high is one of the easiest ways to escape by completely numbing out.

Keep Your Distance

Through isolation, people can totally check out while keeping others at bay. They might binge-watch and stream shows, sleep all day or play video games. Others may consume copious amounts of drugs or alcohol to escape the fear they experience during isolation. While these activities can be okay in moderation, they can create severe problems if the intention is to check out of life.

Staying away from others may make reintegration even more difficult. The longer they have to stay away, the harder it becomes to break the cycle of isolation. Keeping distance may seem like a blessing. However, in the long run, an individual may find themselves unable to socialize with others or get the support they need.

If you are already using technology, jump on an online meeting or connect with loved ones on FaceTime. Even if you must isolate, there are options for you to be with others in different ways. Although recovery heeds the best results face-to-face, screen-to-screen still works if you work it.

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