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Have you ever looked at a painting and felt overwhelmed by emotion? How the artist went about their technique, the colors they used, the subject of their piece, the moment of human life being captured on the canvas- the arts are considered a part of the humanities for a reason: art depicts life.

Life that has been touched by trauma can be hard to make sense of. The picture painted by trauma doesn’t seem to depict real life, the life that is supposed to exist without trauma. Trying to figure out the feelings, meaning, and purpose of trauma can be like standing in front of a confounding piece of art work. The colors, lines, and dimensions are there, but the meaning and purpose are lost somewhere in translation.

Art doesn’t necessarily have to be understood, but just has to exist as an expression. Trauma, on the other hand, does need to be understood in order to be worked through. Understanding trauma can be hard to do without a proper way to express all of the feelings and life experiences associated with trauma. Simply talking about trauma or working with trauma in more traditional psychotherapy techniques can fall short. Art therapy, on the other hand, can help someone in trauma treatment paint the picture of their lives both inside and outside of their trauma.

We don’t often realize how much we have to say until we are firmly reassured we don’t have to say anything at all. Art therapy is less a time for saying as it is for making, being, and expressing. An art therapist is trained in providing the right mediums, tools, and instructions for therapeutic art projects. Typically, at the end of an art therapy session, everyone shares their art pieces and what insight they gained during the practice. An art therapist might have a specific practice in mind which will bring new information to their participants by analyzing the subconscious messages in their art pieces. Everything about art therapy projects, from the colors and the content to the technique and the dimension, has an expression and a meaning from the artist who created it. Our lives are an intricate piece of art work waiting to be expressed for all the world to see.

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