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Being Treated With Dignity

Many of us living with addiction have at one time or another been treated with less dignity than we deserve, and we can feel dehumanized and demeaned as a result. We’re spoken to unkindly by strangers and loved ones. We’re criminalized and demonized in our larger mainstream culture and in our smaller communities. These experiences, both big and small, can compound our mental health challenges and make us feel even more depressed, anxious, insecure and self-hating. Our addictive cycles can be exacerbated, and we turn to our drugs of choice as means of comfort and escape from our painful emotions.

Our Sense of Self

When we’re not treated with dignity, our sense of self can deteriorate. We start to look down on ourselves, judge ourselves and see ourselves as less than. We treat ourselves with less respect, less self-love, and less self- acceptance. We have a harder time forgiving ourselves for our mistakes, loving ourselves for who we are, and honoring where we are along our journey. We see ourselves as failures, as hopeless, as shameful and immoral. Being treated with dignity, on the other hand, helps us to believe in ourselves again and regain our lost sense of self-worth.

Treatment From Care Providers

It can be particularly troubling for us when we feel as though people we trust are looking down on us, shunning us, and treating us in inhumane or undignified ways. This is especially true for our care providers, and when we feel as though a doctor, therapist or treatment specialist isn’t treating us with dignity, we can feel betrayed to an even deeper degree. We’re expecting compassion and care from these individuals, and when we’re not treated with dignity, this can prevent us from ever seeking help again in the future. This can absolutely impede our recovery process, because we’re avoiding seeking treatment out of fear of being judged and belittled.

Finding Support

We want to make sure we seek out care providers and recovery communities that make us feel supported, understood, validated and affirmed. We want to build relationships with people who are supportive of the work we’re doing in recovery. This can make all the difference to how successful we ultimately are in our recovery, and when we’re treated with dignity, our mental and emotional health improves, increasing our chances of being able to stay sober.

 The Guest House Ocala provides unparalleled, premier-quality treatment to those who suffer from self-defeating behaviors brought on by trauma and its underlying issues. We are uniquely equipped to help our guests heal from trauma-induced substance abuse, process addiction, anxiety and depression in a safe, comfortable and confidential setting.

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