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How Can We Help Ourselves Cope With the Changes of Recovery?

One of the hardest parts of recovery is knowing we will be undergoing huge life-altering changes, many of which we won’t be able to predict. These changes can be hard to come to terms with. We’ve grown comfortable in our familiar patterns, and we’re used to living within the safety of our comfort zones. Even though we know change is necessary for healing, we fear it and often will try our best to avoid it. How can we help ourselves cope with all of the changes that come with recovery?

Anticipating Change

One way we can help ourselves cope with the impending changes of recovery is to try and anticipate what some of them might be, as well as what transitions we might experience. We know that there will be changes in our moods, our thought processes and feelings. We know we’ll have to make changes to our lifestyles, routines and habits. We can ask ourselves some exploratory questions ahead of time, as well as throughout the process. We can journal about them, meditate on them, and work with a therapist around them. We can continue to check in with ourselves, before, during and after completing treatment. We can remember that making changes in our lives is a difficult but necessary part of the healing process, and that the more open we are to these changes, the more we will be able to recover.

What kind of person do I envision myself being once I’m sober? Which aspects of myself do I want to hold onto, and which do I want to shed and transform? How have my addictions held me back, and how will I be able to develop myself without that burden?

Routinely Checking in With Ourselves

We want to keep this self-exploration process going once we’re sober and as we’re working to maintain our sobriety. The changes will continue to present themselves, and may continue to surprise us, so it’s helpful to keep reflecting on them.

How am I adjusting to sobriety?  What kinds of changes and transitions am I witnessing in myself? How can I reconcile my new life with my old one? Which parts of my life no longer serve me, and which can I keep with me moving forward? How am I doing at implementing changes in my life, and how well do I feel I can maintain those changes?

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