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The way that we describe traumatic events experienced in trauma give a connotation of permanence. Things that happen in childhood become part of us, are carried with us, are always with us, shape us, make us who we are, and more. Like living parts of our being, we embody and embrace our childhood experiences. At worst, unresolved childhood trauma can result in  the development of various addictions, mental health disorders, and compulsive behaviors. At best, childhood trauma can create a foundation for resistance and change later in life. No matter the effect, childhood trauma has an effect.

Recent research suggests that childhood trauma might have an effect at one of the most internal levels: molecular. According to Big Think, researchers at Northwestern University discovered that negative experiences in childhood, more officially called ACEs- Adverse Childhood Experiences- causes inflammation in DNA. “…Growing up in highly stressful situations can lead to low-level, chronic inflammation inside the body,” the article explains, “which has been implicated in a number of diseases associated with aging…” in addition to numerous diseases. “Negative experiences in childhood makes chronic inflammation far more likely adulthood.”

Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study is pertinent in recognizing that negative childhood experiences and childhood trauma does have an effect. All mental health experiences have a physical health effect. Until recently, ‘stress’ has been the negative buzzword associated with health problems. Stress is the leading cause of illness it has long been proclaimed. Increasing amounts of genetic research finds that it isn’t stress but what stress itself causes, which is, as the Northwestern study found, inflammation.

Many of the therapies and modalities associated with treatment for trauma are proven to reduce inflammation. Mindfulness and meditation, for example, are both therapeutic tools and lifestyle choices. Both practices have been found to reduce inflammation by reducing stress. All of the physical and emotional stress caused by traumatic childhood experiences causes that inflammation. Therapy and treatment directly confronts the various forms of stress because treatment is largely holistic concurrently focusing on mind, body, and spirit. Recovery is increased by incorporating physiological with psychological therapies to directly reverse the effects of trauma in mind, body, and spirit.

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