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Ecstasy, MDMA, Molly- the drug comes by many different names. One name given to the chemical compound is more of a label or status. The Food and Drug Administration gave MDMA “breakthrough status”, a landmark decision on the half of the FDA when it comes to mind altering, potentially addictive drugs.

Mental illness is a pervasive problem in our country, as well as around the world. Increasingly, researchers and psychological professionals are understanding that a root cause for much mental illness is trauma. Trauma is so complex and become so painful for people in the way that it manifests through PTSD, mental illness, addiction, or other issues, that treatment is taking experimental heights.

The New York Times reports on a new study which provided strong evidence that the use of MDMA could be beneficial as a treatment method for PTSD. Published in The Lancet Psychiatry, the study involved participants who were combat veterans and first-responders. These individuals had “chronic PTSD” and had never felt relief or progress from more traditional methods of treatment. Only two sessions of experimentation were required for the participants to see a tremendous increase in progress. Just two sessions of psychotherapy using MDMA helped a majority of the participants, the article cites.

“The improvements were so dramatic that 68 percent of the patients no longer met the clinical criteria for PTSD. Patients taking the drug also experienced ‘drastic’ improvements in sleep and became more conscientious,” the article explains.

MDMA, known for its presence in party scenes like raves, music festivals, and dance clubs, is about to gain a greater presence in clinical trials. According to the article, “If large-scale trials can replicate safety and efficacy results, the drug could be approved for legal use by 2021.” Naturally, the legalization and widespread use of a party drug which has been linked to overdose, accident, and death, is controversial.

The article explains a few key facts people need to understand about the potential of legalized MDMA and its use in the treatment of PTSD:

People will not be prescribed MDMA like a take home medication.Only licensed professionals will be able to conduct MDMA assisted psychotherapy sessions.Before a patient can take MDMA as part of therapy, they have to go through three individual sessions of psychotherapy.There are specific protocols for MDMA therapy, including a follow-up psychotherapy session to discuss the experience

Since the MDMA drug will be regulated by the federal government, it will be as pure and clean as it could be according to government guidelines. A great threat to people who take MDMA bought on the streets or at festivals is that the drug is rarely pure. MDMA can contain all kinds of drugs including cocaine, meth, and heroin. The potency of MDMA is rarely predictable. With regulated and administered MDMA, there wouldn’t be an issue.

Addiction is a common manifestation of PTSD and the traumatized brain is more susceptible to addiction. Using an addictive drug for the treatment of a mental illness is controversial for its ability to put an individual at risk for taking a liking to the drug. However, the fact that the drug is going to be used in a clinical environment rather than a recreational environment changes the nature of the experience. Patients report feeling free, being able to work through difficult experiences, and finding a sense of peace. For those who live with chronic PTSD, there is nothing more to ask for.

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