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Can Grief Therapy Really Help Me?

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest experiences a person can go through. For generations, grief therapy has been a useful tool to help cope with loss. Through therapy, a person can learn how to process grief. They can overcome it in order to continue living a happy and fulfilling life.

Grief and Mental Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), grief can happen “in response to loss of life, as well as to drastic changes to daily routines and ways of life that usually bring us comfort and a feeling of stability.” Most people will experience grief at some point.

A 2009 study in World Psychiatry notes that grief is a universal and debilitating experience. The study also mentions that while grief healing usually occurs, it may not always be complete. Some individuals may even experience grief that provokes psychiatric complications. For these reasons, grief therapy is an extremely beneficial tool to help a person overcome loss, especially if they feel like they are unable to cope alone.

What Exactly Is “Grief Therapy?”

According to the CDC, common reactions to grief can include “shock, disbelief, or denial; anxiety; distress; anger; periods of sadness; loss of sleep and loss of appetite.” Grief shares these reactions with many other mental health disorders. Just like mental health treatment, there is an approach to therapy that deals with helping individuals process grief. Grief therapy can include individual counseling as well as group and family sessions. A care team can also help a person process grief.

Benefits of Grief Therapy

According to “Bereavement: Reactions, Consequences, and Care,” mutual support groups allow people to come together over the mutual predicament of grief. These groups allow you to share coping techniques, an ability to help others, and an “increased sense of personal worth, by focusing on how similar members are to others confronting the same situation.” Support groups, individual therapy, and psychiatric care can all provide a person with specialized information and education that help them navigate the grief process.

Grief is a deeply personal process that can affect individuals in all different ways. Grief therapy can provide you with tools and support, so you don’t have to experience the process alone. The Guest House employs a variety of therapy modalities that can help you process and overcome grief. Our individual and group therapy programs will help you connect with others as you learn how to navigate grief. We also specialize in many other holistic modalities that will allow you to find what works best for you as you go through this tough time. Call us at (855) 483-7800.