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How Can I Start Talking About My Trauma?

Life transformed by trauma can often seem unsafe and bleak. Even worse, the emotional burden can weigh down a person in many different ways. One of the first steps in healing trauma is acknowledging the effects, which can be frightening. However, with the right treatment and support, you can begin to process traumatic events and find the joy in life that you deserve.

The Burden of Trauma

If you’re an individual with a traumatic past, you are probably no stranger to feelings of anger, sadness, fear, and shame. According to “Trauma-Specific Care in Behavioral Health Services,” the impact can be “subtle, insidious, or outright destructive,” with individuals encountering “difficulty in identifying any of these feelings for various reasons.”

This publication also mentions that some people may associate incredibly strong feelings with negative past events, creating a belief that “[E]motional expression is too dangerous or will lead to feeling out of control.” Others may outright deny having any feelings associated with their traumatic experience and even “define their reactions as numbness or lack of emotions.”

Dangers of Ignoring Your Problems

Recognition and acknowledgment are incredibly important as you begin processing your past. You may feel heavy emotions that go along with it. Ignoring the impact can have devastating effects. As a result, survivors may attempt to self-medicate. This can lead to substance addiction.

Talking About Your Trauma

According to Dr. Farris Tuma, who oversees the NIH News in Health traumatic stress research program, “It’s important to have a coping strategy for getting through the bad feelings of a traumatic event.” A good coping strategy can include talking to someone about your feelings. Helpful support systems can include friends, family, and support groups.

Mental health professionals can also help you learn how to cope with traumatic events. You can seek out professionals who are specially trained to handle these issues.

Energy Healing

Another reason it’s important to talk about the past is that traumatic experiences can be stored and stuck as energy in the body. When a person goes through highly stressful, traumatic situations, the body can go through flight or fight responses. They flood the brain with cortisol and excessive brain activity.

Traumatic effects can even linger in your body long after the experience is over. Therapies like somatic healing, journaling, meditation, and breathwork can all be helpful in moving this negative energy.

Trauma can be caused by anything that makes people feel distraught and unsafe. Talking through trauma can help you uncover stagnant energy and get to the root of the reason you feel stuck. At The Guest House, our highly-trained clinicians are specialized in trauma therapy. We utilize a number of different techniques to help you heal your mind, body, and soul. With our help, you can find the fulfillment in life that you deserve. For more information, call us today at (855) 483-7800.