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Childhood trauma has been an exceptionally popular topic in the last few years as more research reveals the severe effects childhood trauma can have on physical as well as mental health. A large study on ACEs, adverse childhood experience, found that children who experience trauma in their lifetimes are more likely to develop mental health disorders, the stress of which, as well as the stress of trauma, can lead to physical health disorders later in life.

Read much of the literature, studies, and reports on the effects of childhood trauma and receive a relatively grim picture. Children who experience trauma in their early years are painted to be doomed in their lives- they will struggle with mental health, they will struggle with physical health, they will struggle in school, they will struggle in a career, they will struggle socially and they will struggle in their romantic relationships.

We put a great amount of effort in treatment to thoroughly convince people of the truth regarding trauma. Trauma, and PTSD which can result from trauma, is not a bad omen. Living with trauma is not an unending nightmare in which a cruel and unrelenting dictator controls one’s life. Unresolved and untreated, trauma can indeed be a nightmare. Treated and actively recovered, trauma simply becomes something someone lives with because it is something someone has lived through. Trauma isn’t a bad omen and children who have lived through trauma are not destined for impairment. Children and adults who can recover from trauma are more than capable of living happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.

Metro UK discussed this topic recently, speaking with Dr. Sarah Parry, a Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Clinical and Counseling Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. “With the right help and support,” Parry stated, “ people can become increasingly aware of their personal resilience and perceived post-traumatic growth, recognizing their strength in the struggle.” Parry emphasizes that childhood trauma is indeed severe and the potential for overcoming trauma shouldn’t overshadow how impactful childhood trauma is. “While we need to be careful not to underplay the lasting influences of early life adversities and the very real life-long impact adversities have,” Parry explained, “We also need to be hopeful about the positive impact of trauma-informed care in practice and ensure that many more services operate with trauma-informed practice models.”

The Guest House Ocala specializes in the treatment of trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues like anxiety. Everyone has a story. If you are living with unmanageable anxiety as a result of trauma it is critical for you to know, you are not alone. Help is available. You can and you will recover. Call us today for information on our custom plans of treatment and our private luxury care: 1-855-483-7800