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Closure As Justice When Justice Might Not Come

What happens when closure regarding a trauma is deeply enmeshed with justice which could be brought about by a court? Physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse fall on complicated terms with the law depending on each individual states’ statutes of limitations. Many traumatic crimes go unreported. Many traumatic crimes are ignored or disregarded by authority figures. The pleas of millions to have justice brought to their abuser or perpetrator are ignored.

Sometimes justice only comes by way of storytelling. Telling one’s story and having that story shared in a safe place where it can be validated and acknowledged can be justice for a survivor of trauma. Though there may not be legal or criminal justice brought to certain trauma victims, it is likely that, at least in part, having their stories heard provides some kind of closure.

Trauma is not something that finishes in the past and stays there. For millions of people living with the untreated effects of varying traumas, trauma is alive and living in the present. Until trauma can be resolved through treatment and therapy, it can feel like there is no closure. Most often, survivors of trauma like sexual abuse realize that their stories may never be fully “heard” and that their experiences may never be fully validated. Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of acceptance in trauma recovery, we learn to believe ourselves and accept that our truth is good enough. By hearing the stories of others and having the safety of a space where our personal story can be shared, we start to experience a sense of closure we have never had the chance to feel before.

Letting go of the attachment to “justice”, “punishment” or “vindication” can be a challenge in trauma recovery. Guided by a team of trauma-informed and trauma-trained professionals, strong warriors of trauma recovery learn to find closure on their own by resolving their past. Working through the therapeutic process, they find justice for themselves by creating a life that is lived free from the harmful effects of trauma.

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