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Everyone journeys through recovery differently. What you may need on your journey will look different than what someone else may need. Some people take more steps, while others do not need to. The beauty of recovery is that it is uniquely yours. You get to learn what you need and then do exactly that. One area you could consider during the recovery process would be continuing your education. A huge part of your journey to sobriety has been about learning who you are, processing your emotions, and figuring out why you are the way you are. By continuing on with your education, you will again begin to learn more about your identity and who you are as a person. You may rediscover yourself, while others tend to reinvent themselves. The journey is yours to make, with endless possibilities as to where you can take your education and your goals. Here are a few situations that will help you get started analyzing your continued education options. 

Missed Opportunities

Oftentimes when we have an active addiction, we make decisions that favor our addiction. We sacrifice many things to focus on our high, how we can get it, and when we can get it. We do not think about all of the other experiences that we are missing out on. Many people abandon goals such as their education. It is important to remember that as you journey through recovery and living a life of sobriety, you can journey back and have the experiences that you missed out on. Whether it was high school or college, you can pick up starting where you began to miss out. Taking your education seriously this time around will help lead your future and point you in other directions that you can explore and pursue. 

Relearning Your Identity 

When we suffer from an addiction, we begin to lose who we really are. Our identity begins to become so entwined with our addiction that we become it. We forget that we actually loved to learn, that we were interested in specific topics and excited to explore different areas. Addiction has a way of making us forget things about ourselves as we focus more and more on our addiction. As you journey through sobriety, you will become amazed at the things that interest you, and that you remember being excited about in the past. Parts of who you were will come flooding back, reminding you of what life was like prior to addiction. You also have the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Maybe you were always interested in art but never let yourself express it the first time around. You may have held back the emotions that could have made some powerful artwork. You can change your approach, open up, and become the student you really want to be. 

Unlimited Options 

When it comes to continuing with your education, there are many options. When some people hear the phrase “continuing education,” they immediately think of college. For some individuals, this will be a perfect choice. Now that you are living a sober lifestyle you can focus on your studies, explore topics, and pursue a career that you are passionate about. College has the ability to teach you about your strengths and your weaknesses. There is a good chance your ideas will be tested, and you will be forced into opening your mind about topics you never thought you would. However, college is not the only way you can continue your education. Maybe you would like to take a class at the zoo to learn more about animals. Or maybe you want to explore local clubs. Many areas have hiking clubs, bicycle clubs, or art clubs to name just a few. You can learn a lot outside of the classroom as well. An extraordinary number of classes are available online, ranging from cooking to yoga to literature. Whether you want to start slow with an online class or jump right into in-person college coursework, you have many options. Taking the time to consider what you really want is important. Do not do something simply because you think you should, or because other people want you to. Being yourself got you sober and through treatment; continuing on with your life, in the same manner, is just as important. You got sober; there is nothing you cannot do after that. Continuing your education may seem out of your comfort zone, and honestly, a little scary, but you can do it. 


Continuing with your education can be an important part of the recovery process. While more education is not for everyone, a lot of people find this to be a great way to rediscover themselves, reinvent themselves, or learn new things about themselves. Continued education may be attending college for some, while others may seek classes or clubs elsewhere to learn new things such as pottery or dancing. You know what is best for yourself, so take the time to listen. Continuing on with your education is a large decision that affects many different components of your life. Sometimes it is best to talk through these situations with a mental health professional. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you work through these tough decisions. We are able to help you at any stage of the recovery process. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you at (855) 483-7800.