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Reaching your ideal emotional state means enjoying confidence and empowerment. These are personal powers that offer you the freedom to know yourself and not prove anything to anybody else. Establishing emotional empowerment in recovery means understanding that there is a vast range of possibilities for you. It creates equal relationships with others and a strong understanding of self to set boundaries that build on consideration and respect. When you make decisions from a place of emotional empowerment, you will have more free rein. However, reaching and sustaining this level may be challenging.

Know Your Power

Understand your emotions, where and when they occur, and when they feel their strongest. Do you feel more motivated to react negatively rather than positively? Discovering your feelings and how they influence you is an excellent start to looking for ways to correct negative thinking patterns and focus on positive ones instead.


Balance helps create flexibility before rejecting or pushing people away. It enables you to view situations on a grayscale rather than in black and white.

Act Toward Improvement

Analyzing thoughts helps you shift your perspective toward looking at opportunities. Once you can identify opportunities, it is time to act. When you act to improve yourself emotionally, you can then begin to reach your desired emotional state. Therapies like mindfulness, meditation, and exercise are great ways to influence, understand, and inspire positive thoughts. 

Track Your Progress

When you track your progress, you can further discover yourself and how you think and act, which will help you realize your goals. A journal is a terrific way to keep you consistent in tracking your progress. Be honest. Whenever assessing and planning for a goal, ask yourself, am I putting my recovery first? If yes, then proceed. If not, then reassess and try to find out why.

Finding emotional empowerment can be challenging. However, understand that no set time frame dictates where you need or should be in your recovery. Remember to move at your own pace as not to pressure yourself to make decisions that will harm your recovery. If you feel like you are not gaining any emotional empowerment and succumbing to negative thoughts and behaviors, it is time to get help. At Guest House, we work with each individual to ensure they are getting the correct treatment and moving appropriately to suit their needs. To learn more, call us today at (855) 483-7800.