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Cultivating Inner Strength

Our struggles with addiction and mental health issues convince us that we’re not strong enough to heal from them or cope with them. We feel weak, vulnerable and powerless. We feel overpowered. We question our ability to make a full recovery from our debilitating illnesses. In order to heal, we need to believe that we can, and we need to believe in our own inner strength. Just like with any other habit or attribute, inner strength is something we can cultivate with practice and energy.

One helpful way of growing our inner strength and resilience is to become more mindful of the choices we make. When we’re confronted with a dilemma or difficult choice, especially pertaining to our addictions and mental illnesses, we can tackle the issue by asking ourselves what we would do if we were coming from a place of strength and confidence rather than a place of weakness and insecurity. How would we behave if we felt strong in our conviction and sense of self? Chances are the choice will seem much clearer to us when we pose these important questions to ourselves, when we prioritize strength in our decision-making process. As we’re moving through our days and making all kinds of decisions, both large and small, we can make inner strength our guiding mantra: I am strong. I am powerful. I am capable. I believe in my ability to make healthy choices for myself.

Another way to help ourselves cultivate inner strength is by celebrating everything we do that exemplifies that strength. Every time we have a sober day, every time we resist the temptation of an addictive urge, every time we don’t give into the pressure to engage in a toxic relationship or dynamic, we are being extremely strong. We can celebrate ourselves for every win, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant it might feel to us in the moment. Every choice we make and every action we take either contributes to the development of our strength or detracts from it. We can affirm ourselves and be proud of ourselves for every positive step we take. We can start to speak to ourselves in more uplifting, encouraging and motivating ways. “That choice took strength, good job. I’m proud of you. Keep going.” This process helps us cultivate our inner strength little by little, until before we know it, we’re feeling worlds stronger and better able to dismantle our self-destructive patterns.

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