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The holidays are coming up soon. For those of us suffering from depression, anxiety, or other issues related to our trauma, we may dread the holidays. We may have to spend time with family members, who trigger us or do not understand what we are going through. We may be stressed with planning for holidays and with all the obligations that go along with them. If you often find yourself stressed out during the holidays, you are certainly not alone! The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year for many people. You might want to start planning now for how you will manage your stress this season. Keep these tips in mind:

Take a Break When You Need It

  • Being around family and a lot of people playing “catch-up” can be overwhelming. 
  • Be sure to take a break when you need it. You can excuse yourself to run an errand or help out with chores to keep busy.

Remember That You Can Say “No” to Obligations That are Stressful

  • If you have a lot of family members to see, you may be overwhelmed by planning all of your visits and travels.
  • You can say “no” respectfully if you are overloaded with obligations.
  • If you have to decline an invite to visit people you would like to see due to a busy schedule, plan for another time. We often “catch-up” during the holidays, but we can always meet people at another time.

The holidays are coming up. While some people look forward to seeing their families and friends during this time, many other people find the holidays stressful. If you have experienced trauma, you may be sensitive to the overwhelming crowds and conversations that the holidays can bring on. You may have family members, who trigger you and make you feel upset. Make a plan for your holiday visits. Limit the time you spend with people, who upset you or trigger your trauma. Learn to be okay with saying “no” when you either cannot or do not want to attend an obligation. Take some time for yourself and give yourself a break. Give yourself an “out” if things are too stressful, like offer to run an errand or go for a walk. If you are struggling right now due to the stress of the holidays, you may need additional support. The Guest House might be able to help you manage your trauma symptoms. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.