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Why Should I Take a Road Trip?

The thrill of the open road beckons you — the freedom to go anywhere and see anything are two benefits of a road trip. While you’re thinking about taking a road trip, there are some points to think about, but don’t let them stop you from experiencing the country.

Why Is a Road Trip an Investment?

Road trips introduce you to new experiences. You don’t know what you may fall in love with or decide isn’t for you. The adventure of trying new things increases your creativity and thought process. Because you’re putting yourself in new situations, you’re pushing past your boundaries and taking chances.

These changes expose you to new ways of thinking. When you open your mind to new ideas, you also increase your ability to think outside the box. Could that diversion down a country road be the inspiration for a garden in your yard? Or maybe parasailing helped you face your fear of heights. The memories you make, and the people you meet, are all a part of the fun of taking a road trip.

What Are the Health Benefits of a Road Trip?

For centuries people have used nature to help them step away from a problem and focus on the present. As their mind wanders and focuses on the sights and sounds of their environment, the brain relaxes. Road trips are the perfect excuse to visit national parks, beaches, or the mountains.


Road trips get you out of the house and into nature. Whether you know it or not, you are attracted to nature. According to the University of Minnesota’s article “How Does Nature Impact Our Wellbeing?” natural surroundings can elevate your mood. Being outside lets you soak in all that nature has to offer.

Mood Elevation

A walk in the sun boosts your vitamin D and serotonin levels.


Life isn’t perfect, and that’s okay. A road trip allows you to get away from daily routines, clear your head, and let your mind wander. Use the road to guide you while you find inner peace.

What Is There to Do on a Road Trip?

Before you ask yourself if a road trip would bore you, think about everything you can do while on the road. Stumped for ideas? Here are a few.

Enjoy Music

You can listen to anything while you’re driving.


Turn off notifications and drive. If you’re feeling daring, don’t enable the GPS. Just see where the road takes you.


The definition of a road trip is to travel by road. However, you can take that one step further. Use your road trip to travel within yourself and discover who you are.

Road trips are filled with adventure, reflection, and lessons. While you’re exploring, you can learn about different traditions, ideas, or approaches to life. Your mind, body, and spirit can heal. You can be creative or relax during the trip. The Guest House encourages its clients to explore the world near and far. Our adventure therapy program promotes finding enjoyment, embracing challenges, and discovering the beauty of nature. Nature has numerous benefits that aid you in your recovery process. To find out how adventure therapy and our other services can help you, call (855) 483-7800.