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Fun and Adventurous Recovery Programs

When many people think of recovery, they picture long, boring days cooped up in a room. They may imagine a packed schedule of talk therapy that lasts all day long. These scenarios could not be further from the truth at The Guest House. At our facility, you will find a fun and adventurous recovery program to help you enjoy your healing journey.

Low Recovery Attendance Rates

The idea of recovery can bring up negative thoughts and feelings for a lot of people. Traditional addiction healing modalities are usually linked to talk therapies that many people find boring. Others may have had bad experiences with recovery programs, leading them to feel jaded about recovery centers.

According to a 2017 paper published in the journal Addiction, only about 10% of those with substance use disorder (SUD) receive treatment in any given year. More than 95% of those who go untreated indicate that they do not need or want treatment at all.

Adventurous Recovery Is More Attractive

The Addiction journal article mentions that more “positive reinforcers” can make recovery and abstinence more appealing. Hope for a better life, more purpose, fulfillment, and success can all be strong incentives for people to make sustained behavioral changes.

After years of active addiction, many people find themselves without healthy relationships or meaningful activities that provide purpose in their lives. This lack of structure and support can cause someone to spiral back into the unhealthy cycle they were previously in.

According to these authors, hope for a better life “can also sustain motivation, including the belief that one will be happier and more fulfilled when abstinent.” This is why programs must provide fun and adventurous recovery activities that can help people re-discover life’s joys and find a purpose for their sobriety.

Fun and Adventurous Recovery Options

The words “fun” and “adventure” may not come to your mind when you think of recovery. However, in recent years, more programs have been adding exciting activities to create a greater chance of success.

Outdoor Therapies

Intentional therapeutic practices in nature, for instance, can create a solid foundation for long-term success. According to a 2021 research review published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, these therapies feature active bodily engagement, facilitating improvement “across a wide range of social, emotional, physical, physiological, and psychological outcomes and populations.”

Adventure therapy, or wilderness treatment, is one such modality that has been gaining popularity since its introduction. At first, this outdoor therapy was designed for at-risk youth, but it’s now become a go-to therapy for people of all ages.

Outdoor adventure therapy can include many activities that will allow you to build life skills, create bonds with others, and enjoy the great outdoors. Some activities commonly used include camp-building, rock climbing, survival games, and much more.

Adventurous Recovery at The Guest House

At The Guest House, we provide a cutting-edge blend of traditional, holistic, and adventurous therapies. Our mission is to help you re-discover your purpose in life. We want you to enjoy your healing journey instead of just tolerating it.

Adventure Therapy

We offer a rigorous adventure therapy program to help you expand your skills, create strong bonds, and challenge yourself.

It’s no secret that the cycle of addiction can cause you to lose trust in others and lose your spark for life. At The Guest House, adventure therapy will teach you how to build healthy support systems through teamwork-based activities. Engaging in these activities can help you regain a sense of trust and bring more excitement into your life.

Art and Cinema Therapy

Adventure therapy isn’t the only option for fun and exciting recovery at The Guest House. We also offer modalities to help you heal through artistic and cinematic mediums.

Art therapy at The Guest House is guided by an expert clinical therapist who aims to bring you a mentally stimulating experience. This cutting-edge healing modality will help you explore your creativity and bring more enjoyment to your life while providing fresh insights.

Instead of simply talking about your struggles, imagine being able to work through them as you watch movies. This is exactly what you can do through our cinema therapy program. While using this modality, you’ll be encouraged to connect with films that depict characters and events that relate to your own experiences. Cinema therapy can help you see your life differently and find healing while also enjoying yourself.

Mind, Body, and Spirit Healing

Therapies that help you heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level are another breath of fresh air in the addiction recovery journey. Mind, body, and spirit healing modalities can help you find purpose in life as you repair your relationship with yourself.

Our mission at The Guest House isn’t just to help you recover from addiction. As a trauma-informed care center, we are here to guide you through the journey of healing your life as you regain a sense of confidence, joy, and fulfillment.

Holistic Therapies

Mental health and addiction can often be traced back to trauma. This is why we offer a wide range of holistic modalities that can help you process trauma and other negative thoughts, memories, and experiences.

Conscious connected breath work, somatic healing, and meditation are just a few therapies we offer that will allow you to heal through the body and bring a sense of inner peace to your life. You can also explore an even deeper spiritual connection through our spirit2spirit program. This program provides an exciting opportunity that is available to every one of our guests as well as anyone else who wishes to join a spirit2spirit retreat.

At The Guest House, you will have adventurous recovery therapies at your fingertips. These adventurous recovery modalities will allow you to feel safe, seen, and supported along your journey to long-term sobriety.

When most people think of recovery, talk therapy and medication may come to mind. This can lead individuals to shy away from recovery programs and not get the much-needed help these programs can provide. The Guest House offers a variety of adventurous recovery modalities that can bring more excitement and purpose into your journey. Our adventure therapy program, in particular, is a popular method that combines outdoor survival activities with peer support. Art and cinema therapy can help you explore your creative side, while holistic remedies help you heal your mind, body, and spirit as one. No matter what you come here to heal, you can find adventure and unwavering support at The Guest House. Call us at (855) 483-7800.