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5 Ways to Feel Your Best Every Day

Some days you wake up feeling energized and ready to start the day. On other days, it is a struggle to get out of bed and get moving. It is also easy to fall into a rut and not know how to get out of it. Focusing on yourself requires time and energy. Unfortunately, feeling better is not always a quick fix. However, with a little motivation and desire to feel your best every day, you can change one thing at a time.

This blog post will explore five different ways to feel your best, not just for one day but every day. Additionally, this post will explore how The Guest House offers a comprehensive program for you as an alumni to become the best version of yourself.

#1. Establish a Routine to Feel Your Best

As with any change that you want to make in your life, you have to take action. There are many small things you can do to add a little bit of joy to your life. Having a routine is one of the many changes you can make to feel your best. It may sound strange, but a routine can help you find fulfillment in your life and improve your health. Routines create structure, which leads to a feeling of balance and calm.

A lack of structure often leads to chaos and unmanageability in recovery. Sure, it may sound exciting and even tempting to not have anything to do. However, you are trying to feel your best, not chaotic. Existing in life without a routine can create feelings of boredom and restlessness. The goal is to feel your best, not to be in a potentially triggered space.

#2. Feel Your Best by Practicing Positivity

Take a minute to think about an area of your life that causes you stress. How can you look at it from a different point of view? Practicing positivity does not mean you disregard life’s situations. It does, however, mean that you can look at circumstances from a different point of view.

When life is chaotic, it is easy to get wrapped up in a negative thought process. It is also easier to start feeling sorry for yourself. Next time this happens, try looking for the positives in the situation to help you feel your best. Practicing positivity can make a world of difference in a day.

#3. Practice Gratitude Daily

To feel your best, practicing gratitude daily is essential. In early recovery, you learn that addiction takes a toll on how your brain thinks. It takes time and patience to rewire your brain into a positive mindset. Cultivating gratitude in your life is the foundation of a positive recovery.

Gratitude teaches you to feel your best during difficult moments. Practicing gratitude also helps you realize all that you have at the moment and bridges the gap between a negative and positive mindset. When gratitude is present, feelings of appreciation surface.

Practicing gratitude is not complicated. All you need is a willingness to feel your best and a desire to change your thoughts by focusing on appreciation. You can simply write down three things daily that you are grateful for. Then you can watch how your inner state of positive gratitude grows.

#4. Create a Positive Mantra

Practicing positive affirmations can help you feel your best. A mantra is no different than affirming the positivity within you. Daily positive mantras can help you focus on what you are striving to be and assist you in feeling your best. They can be utilized for an array of circumstances and you can make them whatever you want them to be.

A good idea is to write them down and place them somewhere that is visible at all times. Some examples may be:

  • My mind is full of creative ideas for helping others.”
  • “My recovery is an inspiration to others.
  • I can handle anything that comes my way.”
  • Recovery looks good on me.
  • I show love and kindness to others.”
  • My mind is brilliant and I retain information.”

Your mantra can be whatever it is you want it to be. Creating a space just for you with words that resonate with you will help you to feel your best.

#5. Feel Your Best at The Guest House

The Guest House is equipped to meet you where you are at in your journey. Understanding your current perception of life can guide you to feeling your best daily. Maybe you just need to add a dose of positivity or you may need some extra guidance. Whatever it is you need, The Guest House will meet you where you at are at and never force anything on you.

We believe it is your birthright to truly feel your best every day, no matter what that may look like. We offer an array of programs to help you feel your best. Whether you are an adventurous type or prefer more serene activities like yoga and meditation, we have something that will help you to feel alive and well each day.

Feeling your best every day may seem like an impossible feat. You have spent so much time feeling bad that you may not even know there is a way out. Practicing just one positive thing a day can create more space in your life for feeling your best. You deserve to be the best version of yourself. Actually, you owe it to yourself to feel your best. You have been through too much to just settle for a mediocre life. If you or someone you know is struggling with feeling their best in recovery, please look no further and call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800. We are looking forward to hearing from you.