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Hate As A Mental Illness

Defining a mental illness is not as easy as it might seem to be. To be mentally ill could mean to match the diagnostic criteria of a specific mental illness like a depressive disorder, an anxiety disorder, or a severe psychiatric disorder. We call some mental illnesses disorders while we call other mental illnesses diseases. In conversation, to understand the depth of what happens when illness strikes the mind, we create helpful metaphors. We talk about mental illness as dis-order, meaning that natural order and function is no longer present in the mind. We will refer to general stress and its stressful effects as dis-ease, meaning that the state of living in natural ease has been negated by certain factors. Experiencing dis-order and dis-ease doesn’t necessarily have to mean that a diagnosable mental illness is taking place. For example, when we are physically sick, we are just ill, but we don’t necessarily have a disease or disorder. Simply, we might just be experiencing an illness of the mind in some way which has interrupted our natural, normal function as a human being.

One of our most natural, normal functions as a human being is to have empathy and compassion toward one another, to love one another, and to seek understanding for one another as much as possible. From traumatizing experiences to the language of our peers and the media, we lose sight of that part of our humanity, sometimes from a very early age. Feeling unsafe, untrusting, and unlike other people can be symptoms of a mental illness, but are also symptoms of that general dis-ease and dis-order in our mind.

Hate could be seen as an extreme magnification of dis-ease and dis-order. To have such boiling, enraging hate toward other people so as to feel inspired to take harmful, hurtful, or even violent, life-ending action against them, is inarguably a state of dis-ease. The presence of empathy or compassion are completely gone, which also indicate dis-ease and dis-order. Something is amiss in the natural, normal, healthy functioning of the mind and has turned someone who is human into someone who is disconnected entirely from their humanity.

We are living in times where mental illness and the need for proactive mental health are mainstream, trending topics of conversation. Unfortunately, with political tensions at an extreme, the conversation of hate- both pro-hate and anti-hate, are also mainstream and trending. Perhaps one day, the conversations will intersect and we can see hate for what it truly is: an illness of a mind which is at dis-ease and in dis-order.

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