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When we’re struggling with addiction, we can develop emotional blockages and imbalances that cause us considerable distress and make it even harder to heal ourselves. If we’re afraid to feel our emotions, if we’re afraid to express them to others or face them within ourselves, we can become emotionally blocked and imbalanced. Our painful feelings can become even more intense and overpowering over time. Everything we’ve suppressed eventually comes to the surface, creating all kinds of difficult life issues, circumstances, and problems to have to sort through. Fortunately, we can heal the emotional energetic imbalances that are giving our painful feelings so much power over us. 

The Imbalances From Emotional Resistance

When we’re imbalanced, the energy of our emotions doesn’t have a chance to move through us freely. The ways in which we’re dealing with our emotions are causing us to block our emotional energy. We’re avoiding our feelings because we’re afraid of having to feel the pain and discomfort they bring. We distract ourselves with our drugs of choice. We numb ourselves to our feelings. We hide from them, bury them, and try to ignore them. All of this emotional resistance causes us to block certain parts of ourselves from our conscious awareness. We live in denial. We ignore, deny and suppress the things we’re afraid to face. 

Feeling Our Emotions to Let the Energy Flow

We want to allow our emotional energy to have the chance to flow freely. We want to unblock the energy so that we can allow ourselves to feel unencumbered, unhindered, and unburdened by our emotions. We want to free ourselves from the clutches of our pain. To let the energy flow, let’s start feeling our emotions, which sounds simple but is far from easy when we’ve been doing everything in our power not to feel our emotions for so long. Let whatever feeling you’re experiencing be what it is, without trying to change it, stop it, hide from it, or rush it away. Let yourself feel the discomfort, anxiety, tension, panic. Let yourself feel your fear, sadness, shame, anger. Keep breathing. Be patient with yourself. When we feel our emotions, they often will subside on their own because we’re allowing the energy to flow, and we’re not doing anything to block it. Our energy has a chance to balance itself out. We can feel and then release our emotions, through writing about it, or talking about it, praying about it or meditating on it. We can communicate our emotions with others when we feel ready. Confronting our emotions head-on rather than resisting them helps us to maintain our emotional energetic balance so that we’re moving through life feeling stable, balanced and at peace, rather than in turmoil and at odds with ourselves.

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