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Why Is It Important to Protect Ourselves from Negative Energy? 

As we struggle with our addictions, we can find ourselves feeling increasingly negative. Addiction churns up toxicity in our daily lives, and we become consumed by the difficulties of our life challenges. We’re in unhealthy relationships full of conflict and turmoil. Issues continue to crop up, and it seems as though we can never find solutions. We feel anxious, sad, and emotionally exhausted. Our addictions take over our lives and make us feel powerless. Over time, our energy becomes compromised. Why is it so important to protect ourselves from negative energy?

Becoming Destabilized

When we’re stressed out and overwhelmed because of our addictions, we’re more susceptible to things that can drain our energy and make us feel worse. We’re easily triggered by painful things going on around us and within us. Whether it’s a person, event, emotion, or memory, the increase in negative energy can be destabilizing for us. We can be knocked off course by these shifts in our energy and find it harder to stay sober. Our drugs of choice help us feel stable and secure in the short term. In the long run, however, they destabilize us further and add to our self-destructiveness and emotional pain. We want to get to the point where we can protect ourselves energetically from anything that might threaten our sobriety. The goal is to be so strong, stable, and secure within ourselves that nothing can jeopardize our recovery. 

Creating Healthy Distance

How can we protect ourselves from negative energy? To start, we can choose to remove sources of toxicity from our lives. Consider the people in our lives who don’t value our sobriety. People who tempt us to use or present emotional triggers for us are people we might want to distance ourselves from while we’re in recovery. We might need a break from the relationship conflicts that are taking us away from our recovery work. Negative people, places, and things should also be put on hold. Take a look at the kinds of energy we’re consuming, as well – are we watching overly negative news programs, television shows, and movies? Are the majority of our conversations about negative subjects? Do we hang out with pessimistic and cynical people? The more time we spent being influenced by negativity, the harder it is to generate positivity ourselves. Creating healthy distance between ourselves and negative energy is an excellent way to protect our sobriety.

Affirming Our Positivity

We can also protect ourselves by becoming more firmly rooted in our own positive vision of ourselves. When we envision ourselves being positive, strong, and motivated in our recovery, we’re taking precautions against negativity. By uplifting and affirming ourselves, we feel better about ourselves. Negative people and influences lose their power and control over our lives. By committing to positivity in our own lives, we’re protecting ourselves from negative, toxic energy.

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