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How Can a Panic Journal Help Me?

When we’re in the middle of a panic attack, it can feel like the world is ending, like we’ll never get back to normal. A great practice for handling a panic attack is panic journaling. We journal to release all of our pent-up panic and distress. We let ourselves write freely, without worrying about making our writing legible, without trying to make sense of our thoughts or organize them. We don’t need to worry if our writing is clear or presentable. Panic journaling is a form of therapy we can use anytime we feel distressed. The writing process itself is cathartic and soothing. We can feel ourselves being instantly calmed down by the act of writing and releasing.

Oftentimes we suppress our painful thoughts and emotions, afraid of facing them and having to deal with them. Many of us also hold on tightly to our pain, not knowing how to process it or heal from it. A panic journal lets us open ourselves up so that our feelings can come flowing out of us, no longer restricted or constrained within us. When we don’t have a healthy relationship with our emotions, they tend to overtake our lives, causing us even more pain. When we’re able to release our emotions, they start to lose their control over us. We start to reclaim our power, because we’re finally confronting them instead of avoiding, denying and running from them. We’re shedding our fear of facing our pain. Writing gives us a safe space to really feel our emotions, a space where we can freely express ourselves without holding back, without feeling exposed and vulnerable. We can struggle to find spaces in which we feel safe enough to be truthful about our feelings. A panic journal can provide that space.

With a panic journal, we can write whatever comes to mind without worrying about following any particular structure or theme. We can also ask ourselves some helpful questions. “What am I panicking about right now? What other emotions do I feel in this moment? What fears are underlying this panic? What am I actually afraid of?”

You can revisit your journal later to find clues as to what subconscious fears you’re still suppressing and have yet to heal. You can work with a therapist to dig deep into your writing and figure out what pain is still influencing your life. A panic journal can serve us both in the moment to calm ourselves down when we’re in the middle of a panic attack, and later on as a useful tool in our recovery.

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