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Everyone has fears. For many, fears arise and are then worked through. These fears typically do not impact daily life or relationships

For other people, fears become an intense part of daily life. These fears affect everyday situations and impact relationships. When everyday life begins to suffer, we begin to think that we may benefit from analyzing and working through our fears.  

One fear that many people experience is the fear of love or relationships. If you are experiencing this type of fear, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Analyze Your Past

We can learn a lot about our fears by analyzing our past. Do you have any moments in your past or childhood that stick out? Are there any moments that may have had a negative impact on your relationships or caused trauma? 

Many times analyzing the past can be challenging. Often the connection between past events and current struggles can be grey and hard to see. Working with a mental health professional will help you better understand how your past experiences affect your current situation. 

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Try to acknowledge what you are feeling in the moment. Typically fear is comprised of many emotions all bottled together. 

In what situations do you notice your fear of love? Is it with certain people? How do you react when these feelings arise? When we can acknowledge our true feelings, we can start to understand where our fears come from. 

Challenge Your Defenses 

Everyone has defense mechanisms. These mechanisms are in place because, in our minds, it seems as if they are protecting us. 

If you have defense mechanisms surrounding love, try to challenge these defenses. Ask yourself why are you thinking this way? Are these defenses really protecting you? Do they actually benefit you? Do they help you towards your goals? 

Everyone has fears. When these fears begin to affect our daily lives or relationships, we start to think that these fears should be worked through. Having a fear of love can significantly impact many areas of life. Try to analyze your past to begin to understand the root issues of your fears. You may also benefit from challenging your defense mechanisms and fully acknowledging your feelings. Here at The Guest House, we understand how scary it can be to face your fears. We are here to help. Call us today to learn more at (855) 483-7800.