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How Can Professionals in the Restaurant Industry Find Help for Addiction?

There has been much discussion of drug and alcohol abuse behind the scenes in kitchens across the country as several restauranteurs, travel show hosts, and others have lost their lives recently. A few of them wrote or spoke extensively about drug and alcohol use in the restaurant industry. Find out why people who work in restaurants struggle with addiction and how to get them help.

Drug and Alcohol Use

The industry of food and beverages is unique because of the hours, the types of people, and the turnover that makes it difficult to keep them growing in the face of competition. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) have high rates of drug use listed as one of the issues hospitality and hotel industries deal with more than any other industry. Even construction workers rank lower in heavy drinking behavior than restaurant and hotel workers. There is also illicit drug use and rampant sexual behavior, including assaults. 

Substance Abuse Issues

In addition to certain celebrity tv hosts, others have written and talked about past drug or alcohol use that seems endemic in the industry. When people are talking about these issues that have been around for decades, it is hard to break a habit that is industry-wide, but it is also important to note personal responsibility in changing habits and finding healing. Substance abuse by people in the food business is not just for well-known celebrities or Michelin-starred restauranteurs. There are so many that are struggling under the weight of their own issues, along with stressful work hours and an environment that results in falling into addiction. 

Finding Help for Drinking Problems

Since the industry has much to learn about how to navigate addiction recovery, there are some things to keep in mind when offering support for people who struggle and work in food and hospitality:

  • Mental health issues are likely part of many people’s issues with addiction
  • The work is stressful and may not be good long-term
  • Amphetamines and other drugs are used to keep up with the long hours but it may not be worth staying if nothing will change
  • Finding recovery support is key, even if it means leaving a job to get help

Not every restaurant will provide assistance for addiction and drinking rehab or programs. They often can replace people quickly, so they have no need to keep people who are not able to show up consistently for work. Finding hope in recovery is better than lingering in an industry or line of work that doesn’t work for a person’s sobriety or intentions. It is possible to be sober and work in the hospitality industry. Not every place or group of people will be focused on drinking or doing drugs on or off the clock, but it is worth considering what can be done to help find healing from drug and alcohol use and find a healthy balance.

Guest House provides quality care for clients seeking support for addiction recovery. Our goal is to give professionals space to heal from addiction. In recovery, there is hope and healing on the horizon for those For more information on sober living programs for men and women as well as recovery programs, call 855-483-7800.