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How Can We Learn to Appreciate Ourselves More?

Lack of Self-Appreciation is Self-Sabotage

As we know, our struggles with addiction and mental illness can cause us to feel really down on ourselves, low, depressed and insecure. We feel self-hating, and we struggle to accept ourselves as we are. We begin to see firsthand that the success of our recovery depends on how we feel about ourselves, how well we encourage and motivate ourselves, and how good we are at being our own allies. When we’re actively speaking down about ourselves, or thinking in belittling, self-deprecating ways, we’re subconsciously and energetically sabotaging our healing and our progress in recovery. We’re self-destructing just as much as we were when using our drugs of choice. How can we learn to appreciate ourselves more?

Appreciating Our Strength

We tend to think of our addictions and mental health issues as being evidence of our shame, our struggles and our difficulties, but what if, instead, we began to see them as proof of just how strong we are? Can we learn to appreciate ourselves for living with addiction and mental illness, for surviving huge odds, for working so hard to recover? This change in perspective is something we want to practice and devote time to, because the more we do, the more we transform our energy to be self-affirming and self-loving. We start to believe in ourselves more and have more confidence in our abilities to heal ourselves. We empower ourselves more. We stop standing in our own way, we stop self-sabotaging, and we make it that much easier to access the inner strength, courage and willpower we need to recover.

Discovering More to Appreciate About Ourselves

Aside from our being survivors of addiction and mental illness, what else can we appreciate about ourselves? Have you done something kind for a stranger or loved one lately? Have you been a good friend? Have you been someone your family can rely on? Are you a good listener? Perhaps you’re a great cook, writer, or artist. Perhaps you have a hidden talent or skill you’re keeping hidden from view. Maybe you have a passion or interest you have yet to fully explore and immerse yourself in. All of these different unique and interesting elements of ourselves are things we can appreciate about who we are. The more we actively focus on having appreciation for ourselves, the happier, more confident and more self-assured we feel, the more at peace within ourselves we feel, and the better equipped we are to recover.

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