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How Do We Lie to Ourselves?

There are various ways in which we’re dishonest with ourselves about our addictions, try to delude ourselves, or otherwise convince ourselves of things that aren’t really true, usually because we’re in such deep denial about our problems with addiction that we don’t want to face the truth. Sometimes we’re conscious of the fact that we’re lying to ourselves, other times we’re not. Some of us can develop pathological lying tendencies as defense mechanisms after trauma, and we find ourselves lying to ourselves and other people for years to come. What are some of the ways in which we lie to ourselves?

Tricking Ourselves About Our Decisions

One major way we lie to ourselves is by trying to trick ourselves into thinking an unhealthy choice is actually a healthy one. We might tell ourselves we deserve a reward, and we often associate our drug of choice with feelings of reward, fulfillment, pleasure, and happiness. We might tell ourselves that our substance use makes us more productive at work, that we need it in order to have enough energy to get through the day, that we need it to relax enough to go to sleep, or to cope with the stresses in our lives. We might tell ourselves that it makes us better, happier, calmer people. We tell ourselves it’s better to use and be a peaceful person than to deal with all the personality and behavioral changes that can come with withdrawal. We convince ourselves that this choice that we know is unhealthy and destructive for us is actually beneficial for us.

Convincing Ourselves We’re Not Addicts

Another way we lie to ourselves is by telling ourselves we’re not true addicts. We might have been able to cut back on our substance use at different points in our lives. We might have felt better able to exercise restraint and drink or use in moderation. We may have successfully gotten sober before and even maintained our sobriety over time. We use these things as excuses for why we don’t need to seek help or get sober again. We tell ourselves that true addicts wouldn’t be able to cut back, use in moderation, or get sober. We feel relieved that we’re not true addicts because that means that we get to keep using, that we don’t have to push ourselves out of the comfort zone of the addictive lifestyle we’ve created, and that we don’t have to put in the work to recover.

We lie to ourselves sometimes because of the fears we have around recovery and all the challenges that will arise for us as we’re working to get sober. Sometimes our fear is so overwhelming we turn to denial and total avoidance as coping mechanisms. Our success in recovery depends on our ability to be truthful, open and forthcoming with ourselves, about who we really are and all the issues we’re facing.

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