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negative thinkingOur brains and bodies are incredible things. They respond to our environment, our emotions and feelings in intricate and complex ways, sometimes noticeable and other times completely unseen.

Stress, trauma, and mental illness in our lives are factors that create our methods of survival. In dealing with these challenges, our negative thinking can become overwhelming and cause us more damage than meets the eye.

As we fuel the fire of our negative emotions with negative thoughts, our body and brain respond more immediately than when we are more positive. Over time, these responses add up and what results is a significant amount of harm to our health and minds. 


The Brain and The Body

The amygdala is a powerful part of our brain. It stores our survival reflexes, fight, flight or freeze, as well as our negative experiences. At the same time, our prefrontal cortex is responsible for controlling our reaction to situations that threaten our stability.

If we are predisposed to trauma or are living with a mental illness like depression or anxiety, our previous experiences and responses to everyday situations are more intense. For example, if someone who is not heavily affected by preexisting conditions receives criticism at work or some bad news, they will cope with positive behaviors.

They work through the situation calmly and find effective solutions. If you suffer from issues like anxiety or trauma, these occurrences can feel like a threat to your safety and stability.

The difference between an actual threat or commonplace stress can be impossible to perceive. While this is happening, our thalamus in our brain is sending out signals to the body to respond to the negative thoughts and feelings.

However, the thalamus reacts to this negativity with the same intensity as if you were in true danger. Our symptoms of stress such as high blood pressure, racing heart, and anxiety are triggered at every negative thought or feeling. Over time, if we are frequently in a state of anxiety, depression, or overwhelmed by trauma, these reactions take a toll on the mind and body’s health even more seriously. 


There are many connections between our brain and body, as the two work in tandem to help us maintain stability. Our brain responds to our perception of everyday experiences.

If we have unprocessed emotions from our past or are prone to negative thinking, our brains are constantly in overdrive trying to react. The strain on our bodies from constant stress can result in poor health in the future.

Addressing our mental health issues or PTSD can be vital to helping us change our negative thinking into positive. In turn, our brain can process more healthy responses and our bodies will perform better and we will find a more peaceful foundation for our lives. 


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