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Moving to a new city or location can be a daunting thought when you are in recovery. If you have lived in one place for a long time and started your journey in recovery there, it can be frightening to leave. Whether you are relocating for your career or other circumstances, separating from the meetings, people, and places you have connected with is no simple task. Regardless of how much time you have, a geographical change can bring more fear than excitement. Here are some ways you can continue and even strengthen your sobriety in a new location!


Act Like A Newcomer

Even if you have a substantial amount of sober time when you move to another place, one of the best things to do is go back to the basics. Remember some of the things you did as a newcomer that helped you begin your sobriety, and repeat them in this new location. Attend meetings! The more meetings you go to, the sooner you will find the ones that make you feel comfortable and passionate in your recovery. To the people at these meetings, you are essentially a newcomer, you are a new face. Introduce yourself and allow others to get to know you. Take a commitment at a meeting or two. This will keep you accountable for showing up on a weekly basis and help you to become a familiar member of that meeting. It will give you a sense of purpose and initiate you as a member of the recovery of this new place. It is important to get a new sponsor. Find someone in this location who can be a resource for you as well as a guide for the program. Beginning the 12-Steps again in a different city can be a great way to stay sober when you move. It will keep you connected to the program, your Higher Power, as well as other alcoholics.


Fellowship or Create a Support System

Some cities have a larger fellowship community than others. If your new city has a fellowship after meetings, join them! This can be a great way to get to know other alcoholics and integrate into a new set of like-minded people. Finding friends and a support system is essential to maintaining sobriety when you relocate. Lucky for us, there are always meetings where we can find recovering alcoholics who we relate to and will welcome us. It may be nerve-racking to find new friends, but you know there will always be a place for you as a member of your program. Build a group of people who you can rely on, trust, and have fun with! Since you may not know much about your new location, allow them to show some of the things they do to have fun. Explore restaurants, foundational aspects of the city, and immerse yourself in the culture of this place! There is no better way to learn more about an area than through the eyes of others. Both friendship and fellowship are great ways to bond with other alcoholics and stay strong in the program!

Be of Service

Following along the ideals of returning to the foundations of sobriety, find ways to be of service. If there is an H&I program, offer your time! When asked to lead a meeting, say yes. Sharing your experience, strength, and hope will help others get to know more about you. Additionally, it will give you a sense of significance. You may be able to reach newcomers in this location in a different way than before. Someone at a meeting may desperately need to hear your message. You never know who will be listening and appreciating what you have to say. An even better way to keep involved in your program once you move is to continue to take other alcoholics through the 12-steps. Take on a sponsee and guide them through the program. Helping others in their recovery brings a wonderful feeling and can teach more about yourself and your program than ever before. 


Stay In Touch With Old Friends

Just because you move away, it doesn’t mean that you need to let go of your friends from your old home. People from your recovery can still be sources of support and encouragement. Making new friends just means you have even more people to walk alongside you in sobriety, even if they aren’t with you in a physical sense. Your community from before your move can offer their advice and assistance for staying sober and adjusting to your new location. In the beginning, they might be the ones who know you the best and will be the most effective for helping you in times of need. Whether you need a laugh, someone to vent to, or guidance, these people will not abandon you just because they don’t see you every day. Perhaps they are the people you first met in recovery, or maybe they are the sponsor you had before you left. In any case, reach out to them as you embark on a new journey. They will always care about you and will miss you! Keep them in your life while you expand your recovery family. The more the merrier! 


Relocating doesn’t have to be scary. Prepare yourself by searching for meetings for your program ahead of your move, and maybe reach out to your friends in recovery to see if they know anyone in your new location who can be your guide. The blessing of a recovery program is that every new location will have members who are welcoming and like-minded. There will always be new friends to relate to and have fun with. Just like the beginning of your recovery, if you start to show up, you will receive the rewards! 


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