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How Does Psychodrama Benefit Mental Health Recovery?

Have you ever had difficulty finding certain words to describe your experiences, or unable to locate your emotions on a certain subject? With many creative approaches to mental illness and addiction recovery, there are many opportunities to discover inner feelings by unleashing a part of us that may not get exercised that often: creativity. A group approach to therapy, psychodrama is a therapy technique aimed at helping individuals explore their perceptions, emotions, and experiences via dramatic methods. With aromatherapy, clients focus specifically on movements, language, role-playing, creativity, and spontaneity, and problem-solving to identify important aspects of their lives.

Norman Fedder, a playwright who developed a drama therapy program at KSU, once said,“You have the opportunity not only to play yourself in relationship to threatening figures in your life and mind, but also to rehearse more effective ways of dealing with them.”

Sometimes, substance abuse and trauma from the past can make it more difficult to understand our own feeling and thought processes. With psychodrama therapy, this expectation is released as you work towards showing rather than telling how you feel. Medical News Today emphasizes that psychodrama can help improve a person’s self-esteem, self-image, and self-discipline; what elements of psychodrama assist with this?

  • Basic elements – roles of each character such as the protagonist (person whose issues are being explored), the person who follows their lead, role players who take part in and/or witness the action or event being played out
  • Format – warm ups to get the group acquainted with the exercise, actual role playing itself, group sharing and processing afterwards
  • Dynamics and techniques – for example, group members may stand behind the protagonist and act as “inner voices” during the scenario
  • Theories utilizedpsychological theories that serve as the main foundation for the scenario being acted out

Inside of each of us is a story waiting to be told. As we watch our lives unfold before us, parts of our story may be hidden in a dark, secretive place. The Guest House Ocala creates a haven of safety and security for your trauma story to be shared, healed, and resolved. Your time for healing has come. Call us today for information on our residential programs for traumas, addictions, and related mental health issues: 855-483-7800