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How the Modern World Changes the Brain 

Everything has gone digital. In a modern world that keeps changing, the brain has a hard time keeping up. Everyone is required to do different things at once. This multitasking takes a toll on the brain and body over time. Addiction to technology is not only changing the brain, but it also makes people less efficient at their work. With busy brains, it can become exhausting to figure out how to navigate healing from all the ways people numb themselves to the modern world, including addiction. Learn about how the modern world changes the brain and what can be done to bring more healing.

Illusion of Busyness

Multitasking is a powerful word. It says ‘do it all, at the same time.’ The juggling act people put themselves through daily is putting a strain on brains, relationships, marriages, even the planet itself. There is not enough brainpower to think of all there is to do at once and keep focused and intentional. Frantically switching from one thing to another creates a disaster waiting to happen scenario. Even when we think we are getting a lot done, multitasking says differently. While we think it increases productivity, it actually decreases it and increases stress hormone production (cortisol) and adrenaline, which overstimulates the brain. To make things worse, people begin seeking novelty experiences and rewards which can lead to addictive behaviors. The illusion we can do and be all things all the time is being found out to be less true than we want to know and may even be harmful in the end. 

Metabolic Costs

When the brain shifts attention from one activity to another, it causes the prefrontal cortex to burn up oxygenated glucose. This is the fuel that keeps us focused and on task. This rapid shifting has to do with burning through fuel so we feel exhausted. We literally deplete nutrients in the brain. Repeated task-switching increases anxiety, raising cortisol and leads to aggressive and impulsive behavior. Staying on task is important for the brain to gain control and learn to focus. 

Don’t Feed the Beast

The best way to defeat this challenging way of living in the modern world is not to give into it. When the brain is hit so hard and fast from all angles, it can drive addiction and negative behaviors. It is best to try some positive thinking and positive energy tips:

  • Switch off phone apps for a 30-day detox
  • Get apps which track usage
  • Check-in with work to find out how to lower multitasking distractions
  • Seek help for behaviors which seem addictive or hard to thwart on your own

Not giving into these behaviors is easier said than done. People can stay they won’t do them but it is not easy to quit. If someone is addicted, it takes time to give it up, maybe even requires detox and treatment to turn things around. Speak with a trained therapist to find out how to get help or ask friends and family for support in learning how to quit using substances or resorting to addictive behaviors and take charge of your life again. 

We understand at The Guest House that you cannot just quit an addiction. It is not easy to give up mobile phones, multitasking, workaholism, addictions, and negative behaviors. It takes time to change the brain and body to another rhythm. We help you get there with various strategies, programs, and services designed with your individual journey to healing in mind. Call us to get started: 1-855-483-7800