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How to Create New Connections in Recovery

When you were in the throes of addiction, you may have spent your time with friends who did not have your best interests at heart. Now that you’re in recovery, you can begin to create new connections with supportive peers. Even though it may seem intimidating, forming new bonds with positive people will go a long way in your journey.

Social Relationships Influence Substance Abuse

According to a 2019 study in Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment, individuals with a substance use disorder (SUD) often have fewer social support network resources than those without SUD.

Many people will become isolated from friends and family as they get deeper into their addiction. As a result, they may start to spend more time around others who use substances and do not have their best interests at heart.

When you begin recovery, you may feel even more isolated because you’re no longer socializing with these “drug friends.” This is why it’s more important than ever to create new connections and find a strong peer support network.

The Importance of Changing Your Life

A 2015 article in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine outlined five main rules for recovery and relapse prevention. The very first rule states that changing your life is necessary for finding success.

According to the article, it’s important to create a new life in which “it is easier to not use.” This includes cutting unsupportive people out of your life and building a new network instead.

The Impact of Positive Relationships

According to the aforementioned journal, Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment, “supportive relationships with caring family, partners, and friends” have proven to help individuals maintain sobriety. Creating connections with peers who are working toward a shared goal, like abstinence, can also be helpful during recovery.

Positive relationships can have a profound impact on your life. Having sober fun with others can help keep your mind off substances, and these relationships can also keep you accountable.

It’s been said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you spend time around uplifting people, they can help boost your mood, your confidence, and your overall outlook on life.

Creating New Connections

In addition to forming connections with those who are going through a similar journey as you, it may be beneficial to create new connections with people outside of recovery. Sometimes you’ll find the most supportive people to be new friends who aren’t recovering themselves but who are empathetic and encouraging.

When you foster bonds with people who want to see you succeed and always cheer you on, you can build more momentum toward success.

Create New Connections Outside of Recovery

A great way to start forming new bonds is to find new activities or hobbies you enjoy. Creating a new routine that includes activities you love can be an added benefit of recovery. Exploring new interests will help get your mind off of addiction as you forge a new path.

Think about your interests or anything new you may want to explore. Some ideas for activities include:

  • Attending yoga classes or yoga retreats
  • Checking out cooking classes
  • Exploring painting, pottery, and art classes
  • Taking a course at a community college
  • Joining small exercise studios where the setting is more intimate

You would be surprised at how friendly people can be when you share interests with them. Don’t be afraid to open up and try something new.

Create New Connections With Others in Recovery

Another great place to forge new connections for your recovery journey is in recovery itself! Quality recovery programs will have a strong community element that allows you to bond with peers and gain support from staff.

If you choose a residential program, look for one that offers a wide variety of activities where you can build bonds, like the program at The Guest House. Group therapy is also another component where you can find much-needed support and accountability that reinforces long-term sobriety.

Create New Connections at The Guest House

At The Guest House, our mission is to help you create healthy new connections. We offer a cutting-edge blend of both holistic and traditional therapies that will allow you to rediscover your confidence and joy in life.

After completing our program, you can join our robust alumni network that will help you reintegrate back into the daily world. No matter why you come to The Guest House, you will be set up for long-term success.

Group Therapy and Staff Support

Humans are meant to form connections in life. We especially need support from others when we’re in difficult or vulnerable situations, like recovery. Our group therapy program is designed to give you this support. Here you can connect with peers who understand your journey and you will not feel judged.

Another important part of creating new connections is having doctors, therapists, and other professionals by your side whom you can trust. Many staff members at The Guest House have actually been through our program on their own. They are here to help you stay on the right path and discover the healing modalities that work best for you.

Holistic Healing and Alumni Support

At The Guest House, we take pride in our cutting-edge holistic therapies. We offer a wide variety of modalities that will help you go even deeper into your healing journey, like meditation, yoga, and conscious connected breathwork. We also offer modalities like adventure therapy that will enable you to forge strong bonds with others as you participate in activities like survival skills training and camp building.

After you have completed our program, you will still receive strong support. Our alumni network will help you navigate the next part of your journey and keep you accountable as you strive toward your goals.

No matter what your recovery journey looks like, you can rest assured that you will forge great connections and gain support at The Guest House.

One of the most important parts of recovery is your ability to create new connections. It’s crucial to have people in your corner for ongoing support. At The Guest House, we put community first so you can be seen, heard, and supported. Our group therapy program is a great place to start building new connections with people who can understand your journey. Our highly trained staff is also here to guide you every step of the way. We offer holistic and traditional therapies that can help you build bonds with peers and staff. After your time here, our alumni program will set you up for long-term success. Call us at (855) 483-7800.