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Defensive behavior can feel automatic. We may find ourselves in situations where we automatically jump to defending our actions. However, learning to hit pause and think through these situations will help you not become so defensive. If you frequently find yourself becoming defensive, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. 


Watch Your Reactions


How we react in situations can have a significant effect on our mental health. Our reactions can also impact our relationships. Learn to pause the conversation and think through the problem before you react. Learning to control your reactions is a powerful skill. 


Listen to Others


Listen to what others are saying before you respond. You can learn so much from other people if you can hear their words and understand their perspectives and views. 


Increase Your Curiosity


Curiosity can be beneficial. When we are curious, we stop to think about situations and experiences. We do not simply just jump to our own perspective. Being curious helps us learn new things, open our minds, and lessen our judgment. Our minds are often closed when we jump to defensive behavior; we jump right into our own perspective and thought processes. Create an atmosphere of curiosity within yourself. Doing so will help you remain open to new ideas. 


Reflect on Your Behavior


Our defensive behavior stems from many places. Practicing self-reflection can help us figure out where our behaviors come from and how to best work through them. When we understand our thoughts and actions, we can begin to understand the process that our minds take to get there. Defensive behavior can impact our relationships, stifle growth, and impede our understanding and ability to learn new things. However, reflecting on your behavior and pinpointing where those behaviors come from can help your personal growth. 


Defensive behavior can be debilitating if gone unexamined. When we react defensively, we close ourselves off to new ideas and perspectives. Defensiveness can easily stifle growth and impact relationships. Learn to hit pause and think through your reactions. Here at The Guest House, we understand how complex addiction and mental health issues can be. Knowing what you are experiencing and how to work through it can be challenging, but we can help. We are experienced in helping people just like you work through challenges and meet their goals. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800