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Setting goals is a significant part of the recovery process. Goals will help you to stay focused and keep pushing forward in your recovery journey. If you are in the process of creating goals, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Be Specific

Create goals that are specific. If you have a goal that is not specific, you may begin to veer in different directions or even get confused about what you need to focus on. Determine what you want to work towards, and then create a detailed and specific goal around that.

Make Goals Relevant

Stay focused on what you create goals for. Make sure that the goals you set are relevant. Focus on the areas that you have been working on in therapy. Create smaller goals that keep you focused on your ultimate larger goals.

Keep a Journal

Keep a journal of your daily life. Journaling can help you to realize what it is that you want to be working towards. You can also use your journal to keep track of your goals and your progress on them. Write about what is and is not working.

If you are working with a mental health professional, you can talk about the information you have kept. This can help to keep them better informed about the progress you are making toward your goals and areas where you may need more support.

Set Measurable Goals

Create goals that you can measure. You need to be able to see your progress toward your goals.  If you create a goal that is not measurable, then you will have a hard time determining if you are making progress. Your mental health professional will help you to make sure your goals are measurable.

Limit Your Goals

If you create too many goals, you may struggle to focus and make progress. Limit the number of goals you set for yourself so you can devote your time and energy toward accomplishing them. Set only goals that help you to move forward. Stay focused and strive towards your ultimate life goals.

Creating goals is a large part of the recovery process. Goals will help you to keep moving in the right direction and staying on the path that you choose. It is important to create goals that are helpful. Goals should be specific, relevant, and measurable. Keep a journal to help keep track of your progress. Here at The Guest House, we understand the need for support as you work to set relevant goals. We are here to help you create goals and work towards healing. Call us today to learn more at (855) 483-7800