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The recovery process can be very overwhelming. It is scary to work through deep-rooted issues, open up to strangers, and change habits and thought processes. Recovery can also hit us with extreme excitement and anticipation for the future. All of these combined emotions can lead us into becoming trapped within our thoughts and emotions instead of staying present and working on our recovery. One of the best things we can do to keep on track and plan for the future is to set intentions and goals for ourselves. 

Believing We Can Accomplish What We Plan

When we set intentions and goals for ourselves, we are affirming to ourselves that we believe we can accomplish those things; that we will make it through treatment and journey into recovery in a healthy and productive manner. Believing in ourselves is a very empowering thing. It can give hope, inspiration, and motivation. Instead of merely thinking about change or hoping for it, we can make a concrete goal to work towards. 

Write Them Down

When we physically write down our goals they somehow turn very real. They are not simply thoughts floating around our minds. They are down on paper. We can touch them, we can hang them on the wall, look at them every single day. If you have struggled with an addiction or mental health issues, you know how consuming negative thoughts can be. They can trap you and make you feel as if you cannot break free. Being able to look at our goals in front of us can greatly help us on those dark days when it is hard to remember what it is that we are working towards. Whether you write your intentions and goals on your own or with the help of your therapist, they can be helpful during therapy sessions because they can serve as a reference point for talking about the future, what you want to accomplish, and where you want to go. 

Making intentions and goals can be very therapeutic. Recovery can be overwhelming and it can be challenging at times to stay positive and in the moment. Having an anchor to hold onto during hard times and tough moments can be helpful and give you hope. Having our goals written down can be a helpful visual reminder as to what we are working so hard to achieve. At The Guest House we are here to help you work towards your specific goals. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options and what might be best for you at (855) 483-7800.