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Inner Resourcefulness for Recovery

Our ability to be resourceful is one of the things we struggle with most when living with addiction and mental illness. We find it increasingly hard to take care of ourselves, to think positively and to figure out solutions to our problems. We stay focused, even fixated, on our pain to the point where we’re revolving our lives around it and overly self-identifying with it. Our pain becomes the label with which we identify ourselves. It becomes the central focal point of our lives. It can be all-consuming and overpowering that we stop being able to live our lives as we normally would. We give up on ourselves. Our work, our self-care and our important relationships get neglected. We sacrifice entire parts of ourselves to our addictions. We lose our ability to think independently and to look to the future with hope and optimism. Much of the time we’re not thinking clearly or rationally. Our addictive substances and behaviors have clouded our judgment and tainted our self-perception. We see ourselves not as capable, resourceful, able people. We see ourselves instead as victims and addicts, as hopeless, doomed, and out of luck.

We want to enable ourselves to think more broadly, of possible solutions and ways in which we can heal. We want to regain our capacity for hope, optimism and positivity. We want to be less fixated on our pain and all of the problems associated with it, and more on how we can move forward and regain our sense of self. One of the best ways to do this is to practice mindfulness. Meditation, breathing exercises, journaling and visualization practices can all help us to have a healthier, more balanced relationship with our thoughts and emotions. As we practice, we gain clarity, insight and self-awareness. We forge a deeper connection with ourselves. We start to regain our sense of self. We remember how resourceful we actually are. Let’s use that to keep our minds and hearts open as we move towards healing.

Focusing on being resourceful and openminded, let’s ask ourselves what we need in order to heal, what things we must develop in ourselves if we want to get better, and what things we must shed to become the best versions of ourselves. Resourcefulness helps us to see beyond our current circumstances, to all of the possibilities available to us. We start to see just how much support there is surrounding us, in the form of our treatment center community, therapists, sponsors, recovery coaches, support group members, and trusted loved ones. We see how many resources there actually are all around us to take advantage of – classes, programs, networks and opportunities waiting for us to make use of them. Being resourceful takes practice. Every time we practice being open minded, thinking outside the box, and focusing more on solutions than on problems, we’re increasing our resourcefulness. Every time we go within rather than giving up, we’re strengthening our capacity for resourcefulness and empowering ourselves to heal.

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