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It can be strange to think of staying glued to reality TV as damaging your self-esteem because isn’t the very act of watching TV fun? For some people, watching TV is like a de-stress button. The TV is where they relax and unwind. Whether it’s reclining with a comedy flick or grabbing the edge of the seat while watching a suspense-filled thriller, there’s always something entertaining on TV. However, the fact remains that watching too much TV can be bad for your mental physical and mental health as well as your self-esteem.

Unfair Comparisons

Today’s reality TV shows portray images that suggest how you should look, feel, dress, eat, and live your entire life. Many current reality shows imply that beautiful women are tall, slim, and voluptuous and wear a size six. These shows can leave you with a feeling of being less-than-perfect. For instance, a teenager who constantly sees this may feel compelled to be like the model she admires. As a result, she may do anything to achieve the results she wants, which can result in eating disorders.

Reduced Mental Alertness

Mental alertness is the mind’s ability to be attentive, wide awake, and acute. According to the study “Too Much TV Really Is Bad for Your Brain” published by LiveScience, in a group of young adults, it was determined that people who watched more than three hours of TV per day on average over a period of 25 years were more likely to do poorly on specific cognitive tests than people who watched minimal TV.

As a result, spending hours watching reality TV shows harms your mental abilities. Your capacity to think critically and participate in crucial conversations boosts your self-esteem. When TV takes away this skill from you, you can lose confidence in yourself and seek methods to hide from others or refuse to deal with your mental health issues. You may retreat and become anti-social.

Reduced Activity

This is as straightforward as it gets: if you spend several hours per day watching television, you may gain weight is because of your reduced physical activity, particularly for people who spend more than four hours a day watching television. It consumes time that could have been spent exercising or participating in other physical activities.

Spending several hours a day watching television has also been related to an increased risk of developing diabetes. Your health is vital to your self-esteem, and when you’re physically unwell, you don’t feel inspired or motivated to complete even the most mundane tasks. Try new hobbies, challenges, or do something exciting to boost your self-esteem.

TV is seen as a fun and de-stressing activity for many people. However, TV, especially reality TV, can harm your self-esteem, especially if you are already struggling with mental health issues. If you find yourself needing support for your mental health and self-esteem issues, The Guest House is here to help. Our staff includes licensed mental health counselors who specialize in a range of disorders, including trauma, eating disorders, codependency, and more. For more information on treatment options, call us today at (855) 483-7800.