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Is Social Media Good for Me?

Social media is here to stay. Undoubtedly, social apps have become a part of people’s everyday routine. Some check messages before they go to sleep and after they wake up. So how is social media affecting people’s lives?

Does Social Media Hurt Me?

Researchers have studied social media apps’ effects on people’s mental health. The article Social media use can be positive for mental health and well-being, published online by Harvard University’s School of Public Health, explores the benefits of social media. They found that apps like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook positively affect mental well-being. The researchers measured the effects of social media apps based on these outcomes: positive mental health, self-rated health, and social well-being.

The study showed that routine use of social apps doesn’t harm you. For instance, going online each day, checking updates, and socializing is okay. But if you are obsessively checking, feel lost or disconnected without access to an app, or experience fear of missing out, your mental health can suffer. Why? Because social media apps can create or strengthen relationships.

Can Social Media Help Me?

Surprisingly, social media is a healthy way to keep in touch with friends or family when used mindfully. When your schedule is busy, it’s easy to lose touch with your loved ones. Interacting on social media apps can substitute for in-person get-togethers. Frequent interactions or sharing can boost and expand your network of friends or colleagues.

Before apps like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, the distance between you and your loved ones prevented you from sharing time. Now you can reach out to a friend or family member through videos or messages and connect.

How Else Is Social Media Good for Me?

Social media breaks barriers for introverts or those with social anxiety. You can control any conversation or connection’s length, place, and time. Another bonus is that by connecting to anyone anywhere, you remove the stress or exhaustion of “in real life” (IRL) conversations. For some, not having to deal with IRL conversations is a relief.

What other benefits can social media have for you?

  • You keep up with what is going on by checking Facebook or Twitter. One caveat: be sure you check the source and use reliable, unbiased sources for your news outlets.
  • Go ahead and post your poems, pictures, or art on an app. Recruiters or influencers may see your work and offer you an opportunity to do what you love for a living.
  • Social media and social justice are perfect for each other. Those who want to promote or let others know about their beliefs use social media to educate, erase, or elevate. For example, social media influencers or celebrities can use their fame to tell others about their struggles with mental health or substance addiction.

Social media apps can connect and build relationships. Users who mindfully use and interact with others on these apps can remain in control of their interactions. For people with anxiety, social media apps give them the ability to control how and when they interact with other people; they are free to communicate with others on their own terms. The Guest House encourages responsible use of social media apps. We provide comprehensive care so you can learn how to connect with others positively. Our secluded location in Central Florida is a perfect setting for you to step back, unwind, and heal. Call (855) 483-7800 today.