Losing Connection with Our Higher Power

The pinnacle of recovery is turning our will over to a Higher Power of our understanding. As we work through our 12-Step program, we are able to find a Higher Power that we can do business with.

This is a very personal choice, regardless of your religion or upbringing. Spirituality is at the center of every recovery program.

After running our lives on our own self-will for so long and realizing the damage we caused and the unmanageability of our lives, we came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could help us restore our lives. Miracles begin to happen when we let go of our resolve and allow our Higher Power to create the path for us. 

Occasionally, we can be overwhelmed by the gifts we receive from this new way of life. Careers begin, we find relationships, our schedules fill up.

We begin to lose the routine of daily prayer and connection to our Higher Power. What was once a daily practice may become a weekly one, then into an occasional prayer, and eventually, we may not reach out at all.

We feel that we have lost our relationship with our Higher Power and may struggle to reach back out. This can be dangerous on the road of recovery. 


The Return of Self-Will

When we aren’t reaching out to a Higher Power, our self-will takes back over. We are making decisions based on our own desires, trying to control others as well as ourselves. Running the show all on our own only caused us more misery and created damage in our lives.

While it may not happen overnight, over time with daily prayer and constant connection, we find ourselves irritable, restless, and discontent once again. Obstacles in our lives seem impossible to overcome, our relationships may suffer, and careers we have once dreamed of having become unstable.

The foundation of our restored sanity is crumbling. Our connection to our Higher Power has diminished, and our lives are becoming unmanageable once again.

Not only does this make our lives more difficult, but it also threatens our sobriety. Self-will was our foundation during our addiction and as it returns, our recovery can be in jeopardy. 

How can we turn this around?


Reconnecting and Restoring Sanity

Realizing that our lives are not as satisfying as they once were and feeling restless daily, we must reach back out to our High Power to guide us. Taking the suggestions from our 12-Step program, we know the solution and we have the tools.

We must reconnect ourselves spiritually to relieve our discontent. Start off with something you can hold yourself accountable for.

Pray once a day, maybe first thing in the morning or before bed at night. There is no right or wrong thing to say when we reach out to our Higher Power.

What is most important is to get back in the habit of making contact. Ask for guidance in a trying situation, request for some relief. Maybe even apologize for the late response!

Your Higher Power will never abandon you, and if you put in the work, you will find that the direction will come back quickly. Allow your Higher Power to show up in your life, simply by showing up yourself.

It is not too late to reach back out for a connection. Irritability, restlessness, and discontent do not have to be the pillars of your life. Your Higher Power can and will restore your sanity every single time if you set aside self-will and simply ask. 

The Guest House focuses on guiding you as you discover and connect to your Higher Power, and the outcome of this mission is to reduce and reverse any harm that your self-defeating habits have caused. Whether the effects have been mental, physical or both, we know that it’s possible for you to regain your strength and sanity. Call us today at 855-483-7800 for more information.