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What Is Decency in a Relationship?What is the point of being a decent person? Decency doesn’t seem to have a place in a society that encourages and supports brashness and loudness. Being labeled as honorable is nothing short of being called basic or boring. Decency is getting the short end of the stick. Being a decent person means following core values and treating others with respect.

What Is Decency?

People who act within the acceptable norms of society are considered decent people. They uphold social expectations and remain faithful to the morals and values of society. Unlike those who use decency only when it helps them achieve success, decent people don’t seek the spotlight. Decent people are not seeking attention, greatness, or being more prominent than life. Instead, a decent person is aware of their moral compass and is known for doing the right thing.

How Addiction Affects Decency

Most people are decent human beings. Sometimes though, they get lost. For example, a person can lose sight of their core values when they struggle with substance use disorder (SUD). Alcohol or drugs affect your judgment, behaviors, and core values. Substances can change you, but you have the power to become the person you want to be in life.

How Can I Become a Decent Person?

Becoming a decent person requires you to reflect on your behavior. Maybe you need help addressing the cause of unhealthy behaviors. The first step to changing a behavior is to acknowledge you need help.

While you were drinking or using drugs, your focus wasn’t on the welfare of others. You probably were more concerned about yourself. Consider your actions as a pebble thrown into a pond. When you yell at someone, your anger or frustration doesn’t stop with that person. Their mood can darken, and they can take out their hurt or anger on someone else.

Your addiction was the initial yell, and its effects are the ripples. Instead of yelling or using a substance to help you cope with feelings, try to integrate holistic therapies into your behavior-response system. How can you do this? An addiction treatment program will guide you through rediscovering your core values.

Can My Core Values Change?

Life and experiences can change your core values. For example, living on your own can shift your priorities or thoughts. Perhaps while growing up, you were taught to think one way. However, as you grow and mature, there’s a chance you are exposed to differing thoughts. These thoughts can give you a contrasting view. The opposing view can adjust your core values.

Therapy is another outside influence that can put you in touch with your core values. Realigning yourself with your sense of right or wrong is how you build healthy relationships with others.

Decency is the ability to think of others. A decent person isn’t looking to advance themselves or gain attention. Instead, decent people remain true to themselves. They will also seek fairness and equality for all those they encounter. While substances can lead a person away from their sense of decency, The Guest House’s programs are guides to reconnecting the mind, body, and spirit. We believe that everyone is a decent person and deserves a chance. Our quiet location near Ocala, Florida, provides the perfect setting to assess and reflect. For more information, call (855) 483-7800.