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On the fourteenth of June in 2017, a 24-story tower ignited into flames. A public housing development by the name of Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, an area of London, held 129 flats of families, single individuals, and couples. Caused by a fire accidentally started by a refrigerator on the fourth floor, the poorly designed and highly flammable facade of the building was quickly consumed by flames, putting all of the residents in danger. First responders quickly realized that many stories of the building would not be able to be saved. Tremendous loss of life would be imminent. As of September 2017, nearly 70 victims had been identified. Due to the high heat and severity of the fire, officials fear that many more will not be identified until 2018, or will be able to be identified at all.

The residents of Grenfell were not the only people affected. Residents of nearby towers and public housing blocks were also forced to evacuate and feared loss of their homes. All of London, dozens of families, and many others faced sudden trauma. As the city sprang into uproar upon discovering many more buildings were designed with the same faulty material, roughly 11,000 individuals began attempting to cope with the state of their mental health.

According to The Telegraph, health service estimates place 11,000 as needing mental health treatment and 90 children who have “…already identified as suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.” More than 1,300 have already been treated for mental health problems, making the attempt to treat “…the biggest operation of its kind in Europe.” People who directly and indirectly witnessed the event are in need, the article reports, as being in the area could cause fears of “What if” and “…the fire may also trigger a trauma among some of those watching the burning building on television.”

Such “natural” disasters are as unexpected and unimaginable as those produced by nature itself. The fault of investments and a lack of regulated inspections will take a lifelong toll of mental health struggles for more than 11,000 people. It may take years for symptoms of trauma to fully develop in the adults and children affected by the event, which the health services department is prepared for.

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