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Having fun when you're soberOne more day in recovery terms is a common expression for how people learn to navigate daily challenges. Just one more day to getting stronger, one more day to feeling better, one more day sober is a big step forward. When it comes to thinking about ‘one more day,’ it is not just the day that counts. It is about how that day was spent and in what ways a person grew through the challenges and positive experiences. Learn some tips for how to navigate the ups and downs of recovery from a healing perspective of just one more day making all the difference.


Be Okay with It

Don’t try to force through a challenging situation. If it is hard, accept it is hard because recovery is not supposed to be easy. Think about the tools that help create space and healing at that moment. It might be taking vitamins, drinking enough water, or spending time with loved ones. Whatever helps take the edge off difficult moment, day, or even week, make every effort to learn acceptance of that space. Make internal peace with it and honor the journey of recovery.


Practice Self-Compassion

To treat oneself like a friend who is hurting is the best way to approach hard moments. Don’t worry about stockpiling more meetings for recovery into the schedule or finding fun things to take the pain away. If recovery and life are hard right now, that is okay. Be compassionate like talking to a friend about their challenges. Ask what the best way to be present with it might be right now (rest, playtime with puppies, exercise) and do that if it helps be more understanding of the circumstances right now.


Write or Find the List

There seems to be a multitude of lists to write when it comes to sobriety and recovery. This list is the most important: goals. Retain this list if it is started, if not, write one. Focus on personal and important goals that matter, small achievable steps, and the reach goal at the end. If it is measurable, it is more attainable. List a few accountability partners that will help keep everything moving forward when things feel difficult. Just one day at a time, this reach goal will become tangible and complete.


Everything Takes Time

The work of recovery is long, slow, and sometimes difficult. It will feel like slogging through the mud one day and running a marathon the next. There are so many ways recovery is challenging but it is always worthwhile. The key is to create goals on which to focus time and energy so that everything feels like it can be possible. Start thinking about ways to create pathways to success and enlist the help of people who care enough to stand by as the journey unfolds. Create a group of a few trusted advisors who can support those goals and help when things get tough. They will help make it possible taking it just one day at a time. 


The Guest House Ocala understands the challenges you face in recovery. There is no easy pathway. We are here to help you navigate it with less focus on the challenges and more on the positive aspects. There is healing work to be done and we can help you get started.  Call us to find out how: 1-855-483-7800