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Self-Care During A Hurricane: Part One  

The peak months of hurricane season are among us in Florida, putting residents of the sunshine state on edge. Hurricanes can be a fun time if you’re prepared and the category is low. With a high category hurricane and a lack of preparedness, storm season can be extremely stressful, trigger symptoms of trauma.

Self-care should be a regular practice in trauma recovery regardless of a weather pattern. If you are living in Florida or another hurricane-prone area, practicing self-care before, during, and after hurricanes is critical to managing your stress and other manifestations of trauma symptoms.

Here is The Guest House Guide to Self-Care During A Hurricane.

Have Entertainment Downloaded

Waiting for hurricanes to pass during landfall can include many long hours, which might not include electricity. Thankfully, there are ways to have entertainment downloaded and waiting for you, regardless of electricity or internet. Download books, movies, podcasts, movies, and games which you can access and watch without electricity. To ensure your digital devices stay charged, invest in multiple external batteries which you can charge as long as there is electricity. Include entertainment which benefits both your mental and physical health, like mindfulness meditations and exercise classes you can follow. If electricity outages outlast your tech power, make sure to have other entertainment accessible. You don’t have to stay entertained to survive a hurricane. However, if your trauma is triggered, some light-hearted and beneficial distraction can be extremely helpful. Make sure to have books, coloring books and supplies, art therapy supplies, board games, cards, and other non-tech entertainment options.

Meet Your HALT Needs

HALT is a term used in recovery to describe the “four horsemen” of triggering symptoms: Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, and Tiredness. To ensure a smooth hurricane survival, it is important to prepare to meet all four of these needs and requirements.

  • Hunger: A lack of electricity doesn’t have to mean a lack of being able to eat. Invest in a gasoline grill or camping stove you can use to cook non-perishable items. Stock up on snacks, canned foods, and soups which can be easily heated up or cooked. Once the electricity goes out, cook whatever is defrosting in your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Anger: Hurricanes can stir up all kinds of emotions. Don’t let a storm take you out of your normal self-care routine, which might include journaling and meditation. Regulate and process your feelings at every moment possible.
  • Loneliness: Remember that everyone in your local area and maybe beyond are in the same situation. You might not be able to reach people digitally for a few hours to days to weeks. Hurricanes can bring people together. Once the storm passes, get together with neighbors to share light, food, and fun.
  • Tired: Getting sleep during a wailing hurricane can be hard. Know what you need to sleep soundly. You may need ear plugs, an eye mask, or a battery operated fan to help you cope with the heat when the electricity goes out. You’ll have plenty of napping hours as well. Being cooped up in the house can cause restlessness. Get exercise during the day as well. Run your stairs, walk laps around the house, do yoga, stretch your muscles, or have dance parties with your friends and family.

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