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Should I Continue with Outpatient Treatment?

Many of us considering addiction recovery treatment programs can feel as though we don’t know where to start. Should we go for inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, or outpatient? For those of us who complete inpatient treatment, we also have the option to continue on with our recovery program and receive outpatient treatment as well. How can outpatient programs help us? Are they something we should consider? Each of us has unique needs and challenges to take into account when we’re considering treatment options. Here are a few things we can take into consideration to help us decide.

Continuity of Care

We come to discover that our recovery is an ongoing process, and we’re not even close to feeling healed or cured after a short time in rehab. We can feel as though we need more time to work with a therapist, more help finding resources, and perhaps continued supervision in order to help ourselves stay sober. There’s nothing wrong with us, and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if we feel we need further support. With outpatient treatment, we receive continuity of care, from the initial beginning stages of our work in recovery to more comprehensive education, additional resources, and extended sources of support. This is an opportunity for us to receive more guidance, more helpful information, and more professional care. We can benefit from the continued structure outpatient treatment can provide, especially because we’ll be working to construct entirely new lifestyles, routines, habits and even identities for ourselves, and the additional support can be extremely beneficial.

Family Healing

Many outpatient treatment programs place emphasis on helping the whole family to heal from the patient’s struggles with addiction and mental illness. Our challenges have an impact on all of our loved ones, especially those closest to us, and they need support as well. Outpatient treatment plans can include services and resources for the whole family, including family therapy, workshops and educational programming designed to help all of us learn new and healthier coping skills, healthy communication skills, and essential life skills. Oftentimes our entire focus and that of our families have gone to surviving the many ups and downs of our addictions. In recovery, now we have the time, energy and capacity to focus on healing the whole family and working towards a happier future together.

At The Guest House Ocala, we offer both day and night outpatient treatment programs to help our guests heal from trauma-induced substance abuse, process addiction, anxiety and depression in a safe, comfortable and confidential setting.

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