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People who are in treatment with you are really there with you. Being in treatment with a group of people doesn’t mean passing each other in the hallway and having completely different schedules. At treatment centers like The Guest House Ocala where every treatment plan is meticulously customized with concierge-style care, it is possible you and your treatment peers will be in different places at different times throughout the day. Most likely, at meal times, free time, off site activities or recovery support meetings, you’ll be together. Various group activities throughout the day bring you together. Despite the various components, one commonality cannot be denied: you’re all in treatment together. Something has happened in each and every person’s life to bring them to this place in their life, the place where they choose to admit to a residential treatment program for multiple months of their life and enter a lifestyle of recovery. You might not have a lot in common. You might not see each other much during a day. You cannot deny your shared experience.

Commonly, your treatment experience is not isolated from your peers because social support is critical during early recovery from any issue. We believe at The Guest House Ocala that sharing the darkness in a clinical sanctuary of love and compassion is the foundation for a transformative process. Making friends in treatment are essential to getting through the good days and the bad days. Unfortunately, the reality of recovery is that some of these friends may not last “forever”. Thankfully, in recovery, life begins to happen in a happy, full, positive way. People go their separate ways. Some people relapse on drugs and alcohol. Challenges get in the way. Other friends you may keep for a lifetime because only they know you, know your history, know you at your worst, and have witnessed firsthand the most critical stages of your recovery. They always serve as a reminder of how far you’ve come, what you were like in the beginning, and can share in the kinds of memories you only make with people you are in treatment with. More importantly, these friends are there to encourage you to keep going when you want to stop, humble you when your ego gets inflated, and keep that important experience in your back pocket- the experience of going to treatment.

Friends in treatment give you one of the most essential reassurances you can have during the treatment process: that you are not alone. In your moments of isolation and despair, they are there because they too have to be there. Friends in treatment are your roommates, your chore mates, your table mates at meals- they are there, every step of the way.

You are not alone.

If you are living with unresolved trauma that is having an affect on your life through addictions, pain, behavioral compulsions, or related mental health issues, treatment is available. The Guest House Ocala offers residential programs completely catered to you unique set of needs.

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