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The Allure Of Drugs

The very word “drugs” comes with a negative connotation to anyone who hasn’t done them or been addicted to them. To the few who have taken drugs in their lifetime, abused them, or been addicted to them, the word means something different. Here, we mean drugs as in illicit, illegal drugs, the kind that they portray negatively or exotically on TV. For the people who have used drugs, no matter what drugs have done to their lives, there is always a certain element of hope, promise, nostalgia, and sometimes, romance. Drugs can serve as a cheerleader, a friend, a confidant, and a great love. Ultimately, drugs serve deception and destruction, but their allure would offer quite the opposite.

We need to hear what drugs have to say to us when we have been broken by trauma. We need to feel what drugs offer to make us feel, and not feel what drugs offer to make us not feel. Trauma leaves a mark in our lives that feels impossible at times to rid ourselves of. Drugs are alluring because they make promises to make us feel differently, or make us feel nothing, in good ways and bad ways. With drugs, however, its almost always bad.

The Good:

  • You’re Better Than Them
  • You’re Loved, Wanted, Accepted
  • You’re Desirable
  • You Don’t Have To Hurt
  • You’re Alive

The Bad:

  • You’re Less Than Everyone
  • You’re Wanted By No One
  • You’re Worthless
  • You’ll Never Be Okay
  • You Don’t Deserve To Live

A love affair with drugs starts with romantic promises, but ends with disappointment, lies, and deceit. Eventually, drugs stop working. The body and the mind build a tolerance which never goes away, even after recovering for some time. In a way, the body and brain tell you that enough is enough. Enough of the false promises, the broken dreams, the pain, and the suffering. Enough of being sick, of being desperate, and of lying to yourself. The day that drugs stop working is a day that many realize they need help to overcome their addictions, as well as the trauma which inspired them. If today is that day for you, it’s time to reach out for help.

At The Guest House Ocala, we welcome everyone who has experienced trauma and, as a result, is suffering from addictions, mental health disorders, or other manifestations. Our programs are custom tailored to the specific experiences and needs of each client. Everyone has a story. Change yours today. Call us at Call 1-855-483-7800.