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The holidays present a number of unique and difficult hurdles for those in recovery. Anxieties can be high, as each individual prepares to cope with the stressors of the holidays, and the effects of seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) can create greater feelings of isolation and depression. However, the holidays also create a unique opportunity to deepen existing relationships and grow closer to supports and loved ones. Regardless of the holiday, this time of year can prompt each person to give gifts to the important people in their lives. For those in recovery from their own trauma or addiction, these gifts can be symbols of each person’s progress. Additionally, they can be indicative of the restoration of meaningful relationships and hope, going forward. 

Giving gifts takes thought. While it is possible to package some money in a funny holiday card or get someone a gift certificate, gift-giving can also be much more personal and symbolic. Receiving something from a loved one that wasn’t on any kind of holiday list is a demonstration of how well a support may know and understand your individual journey in recovery and can showcase the intimate relationship you have. Providing a person with a new means to explore a new hobby, helping them expand on a particular interest or therapeutic approach, or an event-based gift such as a vacation or outing, all require a person to not just want to become closer in such relationships but also demonstrates the depths of understanding an interpersonal connection. 

Having a single gift or moment where a person can feel genuinely closer to another is invaluable through recovery. Whether you are overcoming trauma or addiction, each stage of the recovery process is riddled with challenges, and it is paramount that each person knows and feels the genuine care and love of their supports. Giving gifts isn’t about what costs the most or which box is the biggest. It can be a small gesture or even a trinket that symbolizes that a person is understood beyond the confines of their recovery and is seen for the important and unique individual they are underneath whatever issues they may face on the surface. 

Giving gifts is a great way to get closer to supports, as well as demonstrate your understanding of a person beyond the trauma or addiction they may face. Learning to break down walls and become closer with others again is a key part of recovery, and The Guest House is here to help you address your daily struggles with trauma or addiction in an environment that is supportive and understanding of you and your unique situation. We employ a number of holistic approaches to help you find a therapy option that helps address your individual needs and goals in recovery. For more information on how we can personalize your time with us, or to talk to a caring, trained staff member, call us today at (855) 483-7800.