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The Benefits of Residential Treatment

When we’re beginning our recovery journey, or finding ourselves in need of additional support along the way, it can help us overcome our fears of the recovery process to know more about the benefits of treatment. Professional residential treatment facilities are addiction recovery and rehabilitation centers that support our mission to get sober, stay sober and find lifelong well-being. Very often we are resistant to rehab because we’re afraid of what it will entail. We’re afraid of undergoing immense changes to our lifestyles and routines. We’ve grown comfortable in the ones we’ve developed for ourselves because they facilitate our addictive patterns and allow us to live in complacency, denial, and avoidance. We’re afraid of admitting our struggles, opening up to people and confiding in them, often because we’re afraid of being judged as addicts, as immoral, shameful, vulnerable or weak. We don’t yet realize how much growth and learning can come from facing our fears and enlisting support. We might not be familiar with the many benefits of rehab, and as such we assume it to be ineffective, unhelpful and a waste of our time and energy. Gaining more understanding of the benefits of treatment can help motivate us to make the crucial decision to get help.

Separation From Our Drugs of Choice

One of the most important benefits of being in residential treatment is having concerted time away from our drugs of choice. When we have this separation from them, we’re able to work on shedding our dependence on them. We’ve developed physical dependencies on our drugs of choice that are biochemical and that can cause intense withdrawal symptoms such as physical shaking and severe anxiety. We’ve also developed mental and emotional attachments to them where we believe we can’t survive or find happiness without them. We become deeply attached to our drugs of choice, unable to imagine our lives and our identities without them. Being separated from our drugs of choice allows us to consider, sometimes for the first time, what life could be like without our drugs of choice. We’re able to visualize ourselves healed, empowered and free from dependence. We start to think about what kinds of things we’d like to give our time to, what passions, hobbies, and interests we could devote ourselves to now that we’re no longer consumed by our drugs of choice. We give time to thinking about how we can rebuild our lives and our relationships. We think about which relationships need mending, which parts of our lives have been sacrificed and compromised to our addictions, how we’ve been neglecting our health and the health of our relationships, and how we can go about healing these different areas. Having this time to detach from our drugs of choice and to be separated from them in a supportive, monitored environment helps many of us kick the persistent addictive patterns that have been wreaking havoc on our lives for so long.

Separation From Our Regular Lives

When in rehab, we’re not only separated from our drugs of choice, we’re also separated from the many triggers that have been fueling our addictions and causing us to rely on our drugs of choice in the first place. Many of us are dealing with difficult life circumstances that cause us so much stress and confusion that we turn to our drugs of choice to cope. We’re struggling with complex relationship issues and dynamics that bring us a lot of conflict and turmoil. We’re facing deeply rooted inner pain that makes us feel as though we need our addictions just to get by. Sometimes we need space from all the difficult things we’re dealing with, not to avoid them but to find peace and stability within ourselves to be able to confront them in healthy ways. By giving ourselves time away from our regular lives, our regular patterns, habits, routines, and lifestyles, we allow ourselves to identify solutions to our problems that can be hard to see when we’re fully occupied by our troubles. We’re able to cultivate more clarity, open-mindedness, and objectivity that can help us to navigate our complicated issues. We’re able to reconnect with our true selves and find peace, stability, calmness, and tranquility. When we stay in our normal environments, we often will continue to perpetuate the same patterns over and over again because we’re immersed in them, we’re surrounded by them, we’re consumed by them. We’re often unconscious of these patterns, and they’re recurring and cyclical for us because we haven’t yet developed awareness and mindfulness around them. Having time away from our regular lives and all of these repeating patterns can help us to become more aware of them, to gain understanding around them, and to find our way through them.

Community of Support

In residential treatment, we’re surrounded by a supportive community of professionals with years of expertise and experience. They’ve helped people to recover from the exact same challenges we’re now facing. Many of them have personal, firsthand experience with addiction as well, enabling them to identify with us, relate to us, empathize with us and understand us. We’re also in community with people who are themselves currently recovering from addiction, and we can find that we have so much to share of ourselves that can benefit the group, so much to learn from others, and so much to teach. We can both share and receive invaluable wisdom, insight, encouragement, and guidance. This kind of close personal support can make all the difference to us as we’re working to recover. We feel less alone in our pain. We stop isolating as much. We’re able to give voice to our pain and find ways to work through it. We learn healthy coping skills, life skills, and emotional recovery skills. We open up to people and allow them to support us. Having the kind of support that comes from being in a residential treatment program can empower us to make huge strides in our recovery.

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