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The First Step: Admitting We’re Not Okay

The journey of recovery is a lifelong one, and for many of us it involves some of the most challenging work we’ll ever do in our lives, spanning years and decades of our lives. The journey is comprised of deep self-exploration and personal development, resolving complex issues and tackling old wounds. When we look back on how the journey began, we see that it started with the all-important first step of admitting that we’re not okay, that we have a problem, and that we need help.

Avoiding Judgment

Coming to this truth can be difficult for us, and we all arrive at it differently and in our own time. This is a huge step for us, one that we find daunting, intimidating and overwhelming, and we avoid it for years on end. Many of us are resistant to making this kind of admission because we’re afraid of feeling the vulnerability required in being honest with ourselves. We’ve been lying for so long, both to ourselves and others, in an attempt to protect ourselves and our pride. Our pridefulness has caused us to live in denial about just how severe our problems have become. We don’t want to admit that we need help, because we think this means we’re weak, inadequate or inferior to other people. We’re so afraid of how we’ll be perceived. We’re avoiding judgment at all costs. Our pride, which comes from our wounded ego or sense of self, blocks us from being able to engage in the self-reflection and action steps necessary for healing.

Prioritizing Our Well-Being

The first step of our recovery, therefore, is perhaps the most critical in this long and complicated process of facing ourselves and living in our truth. It requires that we summon our courage and reclaim our power from the addictions that have been overtaking our lives for so long. It requires honesty, openness, and humility. It requires that we prioritize our well-being over how we might be perceived. It demands that we finally care more about our health than any judgments we might incur. We can remind ourselves that nothing matters more than our recovery. The chance that people might look down on us or think less of us becomes trivial compared to how important it is that we get well. Once we make this realization and connect with our inner strength and power, we can take the crucial first step of admitting we’re not okay, first to ourselves and then to others who can help us.

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