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Healthy Mindset

When in recovery from trauma, addiction, depression, or anxiety, you may have a tough time seeing the positive things in life. You may have gone through some difficult situations in your life. You may have had painful experiences that have influenced you to have a negative mindset. Having a healthy mindset is paramount to recovery. You do not have any control over your diagnosis. You had no control over your past and your traumatic experience. You cannot snap your fingers and expect your anxiety or addiction to disappear. What you can choose is to adopt a healthy mindset in recovery. However, what does it mean to have a healthy mindset in recovery?

Being Positive

  • You are not in denial of the bad things in life
  • You are just seeking the good in everything

Being Solution-Focused

  • When a problem comes up, you start to work out solutions
  • You see problems as something to solve or a challenge, rather than an insurmountable obstacle
  • You can take a problem apart and work on your problems in small chunks

Looking at the Bigger Picture

  • When making decisions, you consider the impact on the bigger picture
  • Keeping a healthy perspective means living in the moment while also working toward a better future

Learn From Your Mistakes

  • You see your mistakes as lessons
  • Work at learning from your mistakes and do not be afraid to make mistakes!

Being Patient with Yourself

Building a healthy mindset is important to those in recovery from trauma. You may feel negative about yourself and life in general. You may be struggling to feel good about your progress in recovery if you have an unhealthy mindset. A healthy mindset means that you are looking for solutions instead of focusing on your problems. A healthy mindset includes learning from your mistakes and being patient with yourself. A healthy mindset means searching for the good in everything while grounding yourself in the reality that bad things have happened. If you have suffered from trauma and feel trapped by your own negativity, you may be setting yourself back in recovery. The Guest House can help you in your treatment and your recovery. We are here to support you to cultivate the healthy mindset that you need to recover from your trauma. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 for more information.